Problem importing results from .csv

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Problem importing results from .csv

Postby hughsiepops » Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:46 pm


I'm a new user to the software and I keep getting a re-occurring problem when importing results from .csv files

I am specifically looking at Lays and I have an 'X' that indicates an unsuccessful lay. Successful lays are indicated by a blank cell. I can import the selections OK, and it is successfully picking up the selection and odds, but in the winlose column I occasionally get what appears to be a 'Zero' in the midst of the results. I have the LAY Staking Plan Win/Lose Strings set to : Represents a Win - Is Anything But 'X'

I've imported over 1300 selections. From bets 1 to 127 everything is OK (Blanks for successful lays, X's for unsuccessful lays) then from lines 128 to 144 Zeros appear. Everything is OK again until bets 304 and 320 when the Zeros re-appear, and then it's back to normal. The results where the Zeros appear run across 2 days (so it's not as if I have entered some specific formula in the cells that is being picked up in the .csv file). The only way around this I have come across so far it to import the .csv file, scroll through the results, see where the Zeros appear, go back into the .csv file and type over the affected cells with another character (I have been using the space bar), then re-import the .csv file. This seems to do the trick but is very long winded.

This is happening for results I have imported from the greyhounds and the horses. I'm pretty sure it is something I am doing, but I just can't spot the problem. Any ideas.??

I'm happy to email you a couple of my results file(s) to take a look at yourself

Ps. Great piece of software

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importing CSV

Postby support » Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:09 pm


This is almost certainly something to do with using blanks to represent a win. The software has not been tested using blanks. Can you forward me the files that you are having problems with ?
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