Saving Files in TSM

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Saving Files in TSM

Postby EvenMoney » Mon Jul 09, 2007 3:15 am

Hi Dave,

I registered the software and started using it.
I looked at the forum but there are questions I have that have not been covered there.
I have kept all my betting records by hand and I am spending a lot of time doing that - I cannot do analysis on that either - just to much paper.
I thought TSM would help - and what I see it most certainly can - you have done a great job creating it.
I have 8 laying systems and one backing system that I use. I use different %'s and different banks for each system as well.
TSM software lets me change the Staking Plan settings but I want to save those settings as system 1, system 2 etc, but I cannot do that.
Here are my questions.
I want to use TSM to keep track of and analyse each system but cannot seem to do this.
I started entering the data manually in the "Master Table" section for system 1 - I want to save the data as system1 and move onto entering the data for syste 2 etc.
When I press "File" to save the data there is no option to save the data I just entered as system1 etc. The software gives me me 2 options - ave as TSM file or CSV file.
What I am doing wrong.
I am not very good at using Excel to keep track of my bets- do not know how to set up a spread sheet properly - I do that all manually which is very very time consuming. On the forum I read that some users import data from Excel. Is this the way I have to it?
Have you got an Excel spreadsheet that can buy that I will be able to use to record all my bets.


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Postby support » Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:22 am

When you are using several betting selection systems there are basically two ways of recording the bets in TSM.

1)Save them as different TSM or CSV files.
2)Insert a filter into the bet text to separate the selection systems.

Looking at 1 – When you insert your data into the Master Table and have generated your results, you can save the data you have entered. You can then clear the data you have entered in the Master Table and start again with the next system. Before clearing the data you have entered remember you can save the staking plan settings by going ----> ‘Settings’ and then ‘Load/Save Staking Plan Settings’.

Looking at 2 – This is covered in the help file, but we will go through it here as well. An example of running 3 bet selection systems with filters is


In the above example the filter ‘a’ is used to distinguish soccer betting. ‘b’ is used for golf and ‘c’ is used for horse racing.

All the above bets are entered in one go in the Master Table. The next step you would need to do if you have not done so already is to change the filters in the software to match what you have used. Go to ‘edit filters’ and setup your filters to match the above. Then generate your results table. If you generate the results table without using any filters all the bet data in the Master Table is calculated and displayed in the Results Table.

If you were to Save to TSM/CSV file now all the bet data would be saved. ( Remember saving to TSM/CSV always saves the Results table NOT the Master Table).

To separate the bets and actually USE the filters, simply click the checkbox underneath ‘Update Results Grid’. Then ‘Update Results Grid’ and a screen will appear asking you which filter you wish to use. Select your filter and only the bets that match your selected filter will appear in the results table.

For instance, if you have 10 horse bets, 5 soccer bets and 8 golf bets and all the bets entered have a filter added to them, when you select the filter ‘b’ all 10 of the horse bets will be displayed. The Master table will still conatin and ‘remember’ all of your 23 bets but the results grid will only show 10.

To save ONLY the horse bets you would now Save to TSM/CSV file as this will only save the RESULTS grid.

To save all the bets you will have to ‘update results grid’ once more but not using any filters to generate data for all bets.

The only drawback with this procedure ( as everything has its faults ! ) is that you cannot really use different staking plan settings for each bet selection system.

If you must use different staking plan settings then the best way to go about it is to keep separate TSM files for each bet selection system and keep seperate SPS files for each of the TSM file. (SPS = Staking Plan Settings – Under Settings - Load /Save Staking Plan Settings )

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Postby chrishayes » Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:32 am

Hi stan...

I'm just a user of TSM but I'll try and help.

I believe the way it works is you save the raw data in one file and the staking plan settings in another file. Enter data either by manually writing them in the Master Table or copying and pasting from an Excel spreadsheet (in Number:Odds:Win or Lose format). Save this data as a tsm file - File/Save as TSM file. Then save your different staking plan settings (System 1, system 2 etc) by going to Settings/Load & Save Staking Plan Settings and saving as an SPS file.

Hope this helps

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Postby EvenMoney » Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:51 am

Thanks for your replies Dave and Chris - both have greatly helped me - I am busy entering all my data and will then be able to do the analysis.


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