Data Entry Errors

This is the Help and FAQ Forum copied over from TSM Version 4.0 after TSM Version 5.0 was released. Most of these FAQ are still relevant.
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Data Entry Errors

Postby support » Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:45 am

Q) Every time i try and enter data in the data entry screen i get a pop up message that tells me i have incorrectly entered the data. What am i doing wrong ?

A) You will only ever get that message box if the odds column has been entered incorrectly. Look at the help file in the software and check you are entering the data correctly.

The most common reason for the people not being able to enter data is that data is entered as a fraction and not as a decimal. The Staking Machine requires that you enter data as a decimal. Use the Odds Converter if necessary to check you are entering the correct decimal for a fraction.

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