TSMapp (Browser Based)

In addition to the Windows Desktop Version of TSM we also have the TSMapp. This is sold seperately to the Desktop Version. The TSMapp is Browser Based meaning it runs inside your web browser. The TSMapp is designed for those that want TSM available 24/7 on every computer device they use. TSMapp will work in all of the popular desktop browsers (Windows/Mac/Linux) and most Tablets/Mobile Browsers (Minimum Resolution 800x400).

TSMapp is reasonably priced and there are various subscription packages to suit everybody. Prices range from £15 a quarter to £40 yearly. 


For a full breakdown of difference see Difference Between TSMapp and TSM Desktop

TSMapp is browser based. This means you access TSMapp through your web browser. There is nothing to download. Try the TSMapp for Free today.

The TSMapp is accessed from https://thestakingmachineapp.com


The first time you load up TSMapp it can take a few seconds. This is perfectly normal.

Demo Login

In Demo Mode you will be limited to 10 bets of your own data at a time. However if you use the 'Bet Generator' you can generate up to 5000 bets and use this.

If you have subscribed to the TSMapp your login details are -
Username - Registered Paypal Email Address
Password - 'staking' (All Lower Case)
The first time you are logged in you will be asked to change your password.

 TSMapp Screenshots

Main Screen

Monte Carlo Frequency Distribution

Import Wizard

Staking Plan Settings

Edge Graph