Windows Desktop TSM Version 6.0 uses 3rd Party Software to transform itself into a fully fledged betting bot. This 3rd party software is called Gruss Betting Assistant. Automated Betting is NOT available in the TSMapp (Web Based Version)

TSM uses 3rd Party Software called Gruss Betting Assistant to place bets with Betfair. The reasoning behind this is two fold - 

  • Gruss Betting Assistant is a stonking piece of software that every serious bettor that uses Betfair should be using. 
  • It cuts down maintenance and updates that the TSM team has to do. This in turn keeps the price of TSM down. 

The product description from the Gruss Betting Assistant Website Reads - 

Gruss Betting Assistant is an alternative interface to the Betfair website enabling you to place bets in a very efficient manner. The application has a number of features aimed at allowing you to develop and implement your own strategies. Many of the features have been designed around your suggestions which will continue to be the way forward. Betting Assistant costs £6 a month to subscribe to, however the first month is free.

Please note that Betting Assistant is completely Independent to TSM. We are not paid anything to endorse their software.

So how does it work ? Gruss Betting Assistant allows 3rd party software to communicate with it using what is called a COM interface. It effectively becomes a server that allows other software to connect to it. Gruss Betting Assistant communicates with the Betfair Server through the Betfair API. TSM communicates with Gruss Betting Assistant throug hthe COM server. At no point does TSM communicate with Betfair. TSM simply tells Gruss Betting Assistant which selection to use, what odds to use, what stake to use and when to bet. Automate any Back or Lay Staking Plan. Each Way Staking Plans are disabled in Automated Betting. 

Prerequisites to Using Automated Betting 

  1.  TSM Version 6.0 

  2.  Hold an active Betfair Account

  3.  Hold an active Betting Assistant account -

The Current Live Release of Gruss Betting Assistant is Version Verrsions of Gruss earlier than will not work with TSM.

TSM Download Page

To obtain Gruss Betting Assistant visit 

Gruss Website Download Page

In the the Trial Version of TSM limits the size of bets to 2 units. Depending on what exchange you are using this will either be £2 or $2. Furthermore, the Trial version of TSM will be limited to 10 bets at any one time.

There are numerous Automated Selection Systems built into TSM. These includes -

  • Based on favourites rank
  • Search for string (for example back all trap 2 on greyhound racing) 
  • Based on Odds ranges,
  • Build your own conditional greyhound based systems,
  • Build your own favourites based system,
  • In Selection List and Favourite Rank
  • Link to excel (link to a cell in an Excel Sheet that you have already setup to grab your selections).

You can also simply import your selections and let TSM simply place your selections. 

Extra Features include Dutch Betting Feature for Back and Lay Bets. When enabled IF there are 2 selections that match the set criteria TSM will place the bets as Dutch Bets. 

Windows Desktop TSM Version 6.0

Evaluation version of TSM is restricted to 10 bets at any one time. No time restrictions in place. 

Web Based Version - TSMapp 6.0

Login as Demo User. Restriction of 10 bets at any one time.