TSM How To's

Unlocking TSM

The Staking Machine can be unlocked immediately after purchase. The following also applies to Upgrading the Software. Make sure you are connected to the internet before unlocking the software. Start up the software through the normal method by going to windows 'Start' --> 'All Programs' --> The Staking Machine V5.0

On the main screen click go to 'Register/Unlock' as in the screen below. From the drop down choose register or upgrade.

Punter Profits - Using TSM to Analyse Past Results

TSM - A Real Life Example

Ask any professional gambler what sets them apart from the amateur and you will probably get the same answer each time. "The professional gambler doesn't bet for fun. They bet for profit". Once you look at what that means in more detail - you realise that emotion has no part to play in successful betting. Emotion can effect what you bet on, how frequently you bet, and how much you bet. When emotion takes over on any of these factors you can wave goodbye to any long term profit.

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