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Automated Betting is no longer available in TSM. This article relates to a previous version of TSM that is no longer available. 

This tutorial aims to cover setting up Automated Betting in TSM for 3rd Party Service - CoupMaster Website

The CoupMaster Software itself has been built by the TSM team to work with the CoupMaster Website however Automated Betting has not yet been added to the CoupMaster Software. The CoupMaster Software does however make it very easy to export the selections into 3rd Party Bots. One such bot is TSM ! 

This tutorial assumes you are already a subscriber to the CoupMaster Software. It also assumes that you have basic knowledge of TSM and Automated Betting. If you have never used TSM then it is highly recommended to Download the trial and read through the help manual accessed from within the software before placing any Automated Bets. TSM uses 3rd Party Software Gruss Betting Assistant to place bets on the Betfair Server. For a brief explanation please see Automated Betting in TSM

Back to this tutorial - In the CoupMaster Software download the day's selections as you normally would through the 'Get Today's Selections' Tab. Then press the 'Export Selections to CSV File'.  This exports the selections into a CSV file that can be used for 3rd Party Bots including TSM. 

The Selections are now ready to import into TSM. 

Start up TSM and Expand the 'Gruss Betting Assistant Add-On'. Then go to the 'Selection List Drop Down'. Select 'Import from CSV'. Finally select 'Import Selections in Column A'.

Select the CSV file we created earlier when exporting the selections from CoupMaster Software. The selections are loaded directly into the selection list. 

If there are any issues when importing the selections then we can always fall back to copy/pasting them in. Open the Exported selections in Excel and select all the selections with the mouse. All you need is the selection names. No other data is needed. Right Click the selections in Excel and Copy to clipboard. Then in TSM go to the dropdown on the TSM-Selection List and select 'Paste From Excel'. In the Image shown on the right the formatting is slightly off which means we will have to copy/paste the data.

Now we need to set up the Gruss-TSM Settings. The CoupMaster Staking Plan is based upon a high strike rate. For that we use both Win and Place markets. We choose which market to use at the time of the off based on the odds available. We will need to load both Win and Place Markets into TSM in order to achieve this. In this blog post we will follow the following rules. You can adjust the rules and odds as you see fit. There is no fixed rules as such. 

  1. Win Bet if the Odds are between 1.3 and 3. If no bet is placed then go to the Place Market.
  2. Place Bet if the Odds are between 1.2 and 5. 
  3. No Bets outside these limits.  

In order to do this we are going set TSM to look at Win Markets First. If the bet odds are between 1.3 and 3 it will place a bet in the Win Market. If no bet is placed it will then check the Place Market. As long as the Place Market odds are greater than 1.2 it will place the bet. 

In 'Gruss - TSM Settings' select the 'Quick Pick List Tab'. Then turn on the Win Market Offset and set it to 30 seconds. This brings the Off time for Win markets forward by 30 seconds. 

The next setting we need to set is the Odds Limits. Go to 'Bet Criteria' Tab in Gruss -TSM settings. 

All Win Markets > 1.3 and < 3.0

All Place Markets > 1.2 and < 5.0 

All other settings used are the default settings in Gruss-TSM settings. We are now ready to load up the Quick Pick List. 

We need to add all UK and IRE races. Both Win and Place. Before we turn on Automated Betting we always make sure the correct staking plan is seletced and the first stake is what we expect it to be. The Default settings in the CoupMaster Software is as below. 


Make sure the Coup Master Staking Plan is selected in TSM (It will be highlighted as Orange) and the Staking Plan Settings are the same. If this is the First Bet in the series the first stake will be 5.  The Staking Plan settings in TSM will look similar to below - 

Make sure Gruss Betting Assistant is running in the background and the COM server is enabled in Gruss. (See TSM Help Manual if you are a first time user). 

Go to the dropdown on the 'Quick Pick List' and add the 4 Markets one by one. 

Both UK and IRE Win and Place markets are now loaded into the Quick Pick List. Notice how the Start Time for the Win markets have been brought forward by 30 seconds due to the offset we set earlier. 

Finally we need to tell TSM how to loop through the days races. We do this by selecting 'Wait until scheduled off of preceding race' from the Auto Select Markets drop down. 

This setting tells TSM to move on to the next market in the quick pick list at the time of the off.

The final setting we need to set is the Session settings. The CoupMaster guidelines state the target for the day is called a 'Job Target'. This is half of a Coup. The Coup target is 5% of the betting bank which means the 'Job Target' is set at 2.5% of the Start Bank. As the Cumulative Total increases on a daily basis the Coup Target and Job Targets increase however they will always remain at 5% and 2.5% respectively if using the suggested staking plan settings. 

In this blog post we are going to aim for a 'Job Target' (2.5%)  which is £2.50 with the default settings. 

In Gruss - TSM Settings go to the 'Bet Session' Tab.  Set TSM to stop once a profit of £2.6 has been made in the session.

In the screenshot below the increments allowed are 0.2 hence we have gone for 2.6 rather than 2.5. 

TSM is now set to run on auto pilot and place your bets for you. It will stop once the 'Job Target' has been reached. 

TSM and Coup Master Update 20/07/2018

I have been running the CoupMaster selections as per the settings in this blog post for the last 3 days. A couple of issues have popped up so far. 

1) The Session Limit Settings in TSM was set to increment in 0.2 intervals. This meant we could only target 2.4% or 2.6% where as the CoupMaster guidelines are 2.5%. TSM Version 6 R1.15 was released on 19/07/2018 which changes the intervals to 0.1. This means we can now target 2.5% as per the guidelines. 

2) After a COUP has been landed we start a new series. The Start stake in the new series will therefore increase. This only occurs after a COUP has been Landed. Following a JOB TARGET the stake does not increase.  Where there is a surplus from the previous day AND a COUP has been landed, this surplus will need to be subtracted from the 2.5% target. In the screenshot below we are now 3 days in. A COUP was landed yesterday and there is a surplus of 0.51. 

The advised CoupMaster staking plan settings mean the Minimum Stake equals the Coup Target. We can see the Next Stake is £5.54. This makes the Job Target £2.77

Normally we would set the session target for £2.77 or £2.8 in TSM. 

As there is a surplus of £0.51 we only need to achieve £2.77 - £0.51 = £2.26 before the Job Target is reached. So for today I will be setting my session target at £2.3.

TSM and Coup Master Update 21/07/2018

Day 4 and so far so good. I thought it might be a good idea to clarify what some of the Column Names in the Results Table. 

C.No - This is the amount of Coups we are on in a series. With the settings we are using we are only aiming for 1 Coup at a time. So this figure will always be 1. 

C.Target - This is the total we need to make in profit in order to achieve the Coup. 

Rem - This is the Remaining Total needed to be achieved in order to complete the Coup. This takes into account any surplus from the previous Coup. 

The Rem column can be useful when calculating our session target in TSM following a JOB TARGET. Below is how my record of bets are looking this morning. 

I have highlighted the amount remaining to complete the COUP as £1.61. This means that for today my session target will be £1.61. 

For the eagle eyed you may have noticed in the image above the Orange Highlighted Text Job Target is in the C.No Column where as previously it wasn't. This has been stolen from the Coup Master Software and added to TSM Version 6 R1.16 which has been uploaded today. 

If you want to update to the latest TSM simply download latest setup file and re-install. Your previous settings will be remembered. 

TSM and Coup Master Update 28/07/2018

So far this week it has been plain sailing apart from a couple of mishaps which just goes to show even the so called experts get caught out. Earlier in the week I had the left the computer to do its thing and came back to find it in sleep mode. Upon double checking my settings it had been set to 5 hours. So the lesson learned here is CHECK your sleep mode settings. Its ok for the screen to go power off but NOT the computer itself. 

On the 23rd we also had an incident where Alfie's Choice didn't get selected becuase of the apostophe. All apostophe's are removed in Betfair. The Team at CoupMaster will make sure apostophes are removed before uploading the selections into the CoupMaster Software. It's still a good idea to double check your selections after importing them in TSM as mistakes can and do happen. 

Latest screenshot below. Currently stopped after a Job Target. Next Target is the Coup. Session Limit set for the Remaining amount which is £2.75. 

TSM and Coup Master Update 18/08/2018

One of things that has popped up numerous times is mispellings in the selections. This is fine when the bet loses but slightly annoying when the bet wins. Just to reiterate - Have a look through the selections for any obvious mispellings. Betfair does not have any apostophes or double spaces. 

We have also had several losing days with Automated Betting. This is where it is a good idea to set a stop loss. The CoupMaster Documentation suggests a stop loss of between 10% and 15%. The default going forward is 13%.

The Coup Master Documentation also suggests you stop betting for the day if the Stop Loss is reached. 

You can set a stop loss in TSM in the same way we set a target in the session settings.  It is up to the invidual user to set their own daily target and stop loss. 

For those who think this is just all too complicated. Hang on a few days. Automated Betting will be available in the CoupMaster Software. Simplified and Easy to Use. 

Jul 17, 2018 By csoftware

Windows Desktop TSM Version 7.0

Evaluation version of TSM is restricted to 10 bets at any one time. No time restrictions in place. 

Web Based Version - TSMapp

Login as Demo User. Restriction of 10 bets at any one time.