Automated Betting is no longer available in TSM. This article relates to a previous version of TSM that is no longer available. 

In this blog post we will look at how we can use TSM to place bets in the Win or Place Market depending on the odds of the selection. For instance, if the place odds are over 1.5 you may wish to place your selection in the Place Market rather than the Win Market. The following Screenshots and features can all be found in TSM Version onwards. 

Step 1 - Set the Staking Plan you wish to use and make sure the settings are correct. In the screenshot below we are using Level Staking and £10 stakes. Once you are happy with your Next Stake - Load Up Gruss Betting Assistant. Then Switch on the Gruss Connection. 

Step 2 - Go to Gruss -TSM Settings and then go to the Quick Pick List Tab. Make sure Use Place Market Offset is checked and the time is 30 seconds. Make sure Use Win Market Offset is unchecked. Press 'Save Changes'. 

Step 3- Load up the Quick Pick List. In this example we will load all UK and IRE Win and Place Markets. 

Step 4 - Notice how the markets are shown in the Quick Pick List. The Place Markets are shown before the Win Markets and the off time has been brought forward by 30 seconds. Now select the Auto Select Market Option. We want the market to change at the scheduled off as shown below. Once setup TSM will monitor the Place Market until 30 seconds before the actual off. It will then switch to the Win Market for the remaining 30 seconds. Once the Off time has passed TSM will move onto the next market once more. 

Step 5 - Go to Gruss - TSM Settings and then go to Bet Criteria Tab. In our scenario we want to place a Place bet if the market odds are over 1.5. Therefore we set the odds ranges for Place Markets as 1.5 to 1000 as shown below. For Win Markets we can uncheck it or simply use an odds range of 1 to 1000. Press 'Save Changes' once complete.

Step 6 - Go to Gruss - TSM Settings and then go to the Bet Placement Tab. Change the Bet Placement time to 20 seconds. 

Step 7 - This part is included to highlight an extra option you may wish to include. In this scenario we only want to place the bet if it is also the Favourite. Go to 'Automated Selection System Settings and check the settings for 'In the Selection List And....'

In the screenshot below the selection MUST be the Favourite. 

Step 8 - We now need to tell TSM to use this selection system. In the Auto Selection System Group Box pres the select Button and check 'In Selection List AND...'

Step 9 - Now we need to add some selections. To get started with TSM a nice easy way of grabbing some selections is to use the Merlin Ratings that are produced on a daily basis. A few selection systems have been created using the Merlin Ratings. On a good day this will provide users with a few winners. Great for testing TSM with. Merlin ratings can be accessed from the main menu on the website. This link here will also open a new tab for you. https://www.thestakingmachine.com/merlinratings 

A nice easy way of grabbing the selections is to simply press 'Copy Selections' as shown below. 

Step 10 - Back in TSM go to the TSM - Selection List drop down and select 'Paste from Clipboard (All Formats)'.

Finally - The Selections are now shown in the selection list and TSM is ready to start placing your bets. 

The selections are pasted all in Upper Case. Make sure you have case matching switched OFF in TSM as otherwise no bets will be placed. Case Matching can be found in Gruss - TSM Settings, on the Bet Criteria Tab.

Jul 19, 2019 By csoftware

Windows Desktop TSM Version 7.0

Evaluation version of TSM is restricted to 10 bets at any one time. No time restrictions in place. 

Web Based Version - TSMapp

Login as Demo User. Restriction of 10 bets at any one time.