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Step by Step Guide to Multiple bets

Connect TSM and Gruss.

Load the Quick Pick List with your chosen markets. In this example we have loaded the US Win Horse Racing Markets. 

Set the Auto Select Markets on Quick Pick List. In this example it will move on to the next race at the scheduled start time of the displayed market. This acts as a loop so that as the afternoon progress's every race is covered.

Go to Gruss-TSM Settings. Go to the Bet Placement tab. In the example below we have set the bets to be placed 30 seconds before the off. 

Now go to the Bet Results Tab. Under Bet Result Timer check the 'Use Bet Result Timer'. Set the Bet Result Timer to 1 second. This tells TSM to update the bet 1 second after it has been placed. The string that is used as default is "Timed Out - ASSUME LOSS". You can set this so that TSM will assume a win or a loss. 

Then switch on the Results Sweep. The 'Results Sweep' allows TSM to update all previously automated bets with the correct result if the bet result was not initially obtained. When we place multiple bets in the same race we do not know the results of the multiple bets.

There are several ways you can select your bets and place them in the selection list. Firstly you can add them manually by using the mouse and selecting the selections from the market. If you are selecting bets manually make sure that you have the Automated Selection System set to "NONE". As it stands - 30 seconds before the scheduled off the first bet will be placed. Moments later TSM will update the bet with an "Assumed Loss". The second bet will then be placed. Moments later that bet will also be resulted by TSM with an "Assumed Loss".

The Screenshot below shows 2 bets that have just been placed. Both have been resulted using the Timed Out string. 

As the scheduled start time is passed TSM will loop onto the next market. About 5 minutes after the race has finished Betfair will update the bet result with a win or loss. TSM will detect this in the Results Sweep that occurs once every minute.

Both bets will be updated with a Win or Loss String and the Results Table and cumulative total changed accordingly.

If you want to use an automated selection system there is one in particular that is designed for multiple bets. Go to the Automated Selection Systems Settings screen.

You will a see selection system called Favourite Ranking and Odds Based. In the setup below the the 1st and 2nd favourite will be selected as long as the odds are between 1 and 360. Note these are additional odds checks to the General Odds Check in TSM-Gruss Settings- Bet Criteria Tab. If we had an upper range set at 5 on the Bet Criteria Tab then an upper range of 5 would be used rather than 360 as 5 is smaller than 360. 

Finally select your automated selection system. 

A few words of warning with multiple bets

i) Once you know how to use TSM it is very easy. To start off with I always reccomend making use of the Gruss feature to place stakes below minimum stakes. Use 10p stakes if necessary until you are confident in what you are doing.

ii) When updating historical bets that were previously resulted with an assumed win/lose string - the stakes in the subsequent bets may change. This setting should only be used with a staking plan that does NOT calculate the next stake based on the previous result. Example staking plans that CAN be used include, Level, Secure, Fixed, Lay Level, Lay Libaility, Lay Mixed and Lay Kelly. With the right settings you can also use Percentage, Lay Percentage, Maria and Maria Libility. The session statistics including profit loss for the session is automatically updated when a new result is obtained from the results sweep.

iii) Do not edit the win/lose string whilst you are waiting for a result to come through. If you change the win/lose string TSM will not be able to know which bets are still awaiting results.

iv) The staking plan used is whatever is displayed in TSM. If you change staking plans halfway through a session then be careful of your stakes changing.    

May 23, 2013 By csoftware

Windows Desktop TSM Version 6.0

Evaluation version of TSM is restricted to 10 bets at any one time. No time restrictions in place. 

Web Based Version - TSMapp 6.0

Login as Demo User. Restriction of 10 bets at any one time.