Latest Updates - 05/09/2015

  • TSM Version 5.0 (Desktop) and TSMapp (Browser) -  Fixed Bug in Coup Master Staking where in rare circumstances the 2nd bets stake was incorrect.

How to Update TSM ?

If you have TSM Version 5.0 already installed then download the latest setup file and re-install. Your settings will remain intact.

If you have TSM Version 4.0 installed then please see Major Upgrade Instructions.

Recently we added 3 extra staking plans. We had a few emails from users saying they could not see the staking plans in their software. At default, if you are updating the software any new staking plans are disabled. You will need to enable them. Please see for more details. 

Don't forget we have a browser based version of TSM as well.  Find out more about the TSMapp.

Sep 11, 2015 By csoftware

Windows Desktop TSM Version 7.0

Evaluation version of TSM is restricted to 10 bets at any one time. No time restrictions in place. 

Web Based Version - TSMapp

Login as Demo User. Restriction of 10 bets at any one time.