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VPS stands for Virtual Private Service. A VPS is a virtual machine. It is a server, hosted online. Think of your Desktop Computer hosted online. When you take out a VPS subscription you normally take out a subscription for a Windows or Linux desktop minus the monitor. 

The monitor is your computer, tablet, phone. Whatever device you choose to connect to the VPS with. 

A VPS is completely different to a VPN - Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a way of accessing the internet through an alternate IP address often based in another country. A VPN masks where your computer is actually located. VPN's are used to provide privacy to the end users. VPN's are also used to access content and services that may otherwise be blocked/banned in your location. A good VPN that i can reccomend is IPVanish. Going back to VPS......

With a VPS you can install TSM and access it from wherever you are in the world. You can also install Gruss Betting Assistant and access it from wherever you are in the world. Combined together you can automate your betting wherever you are in the world. 

There are 2 VPS sites that seem to pop up time and and time again. These are - 

In the rest of the blog post I shall look at the signup and setting up of a VPS with solvps. 

Navigate to Solvps website using the link above. Then navigate to Server Hosting. Then go to Windows VPS. 

From here you can either select Plans and Pricing or Build a Windows VPS.  

The minimum build you are looking to get is shown below. Note the 30GB Hard drive. This is needed to ensure there is enough space for all the Windows Updates that are needed. If you dont plan on installing any of the Windows Updates then 20GB is fine. 

You also want the server to be based in a country that is not blocked from Betfair. So in this instance I have chosen UK as I have UK betfair account. 

You dont need any additional software installed. Once happy press the add to order and go through the check out procedure. 

Once your desktop has been built (It may take 5-10 minutes) you will see the VPS Service in your dashboard. All that is needed now is to access your VPS. 

There are numerous softrware you can use to connect. SolVPS have an article that goes through the options -

Personally I'm a Windows User so I use RDC to connect when at home. And on my Android phone I use

There are 3rd party services/software that you can use but I'm rather paranoid so I stick with Software providors I can trust. Both apps above are provided by Microsoft. 

If you have an issue with SolVps there is a live chat feature in the dashboard. I had cause to use it recently when I couldn't login (My password needed resetting) and the issue was solved very quickly. 

Once you have connected to the VPS you will need to start up the internet browser and install TSM and Gruss. You can install TSM on 2 computers at anyone time. If  you need to reset yout TSM Version 6 Unlocks use -

Aug 9, 2018 By csoftware

Windows Desktop TSM Version 6.0

Evaluation version of TSM is restricted to 10 bets at any one time. No time restrictions in place. 

Web Based Version - TSMapp 6.0

Login as Demo User. Restriction of 10 bets at any one time.