Bookies Bank Version 2

Bookies Bank Version 2 is a recovery staking plan that aims to recover any previous loss by dividing the series loss by the next bet odds.

For instance. Assuming the deafult stake is £2. If we stake £2 on bet 1. The bet loses. We now need to recover £2 and the default stake. Let us assume the next bets odds are decimal odds of 3.5.

Firstly we need to calculate the recovery stake for the £2 loss. This is done by £2 / 2.5. For the odds we use decimal odds - 1.

This gives us £0.8. The default stake for the next bet is now added on. This gives us £2 + £0.8 = £2.80

Let us assume bet 2 loses. The series loss is now -£4.8. This is the total of the stakes in bet 1 and bet 2.

Once again we divide the series loss by the next bets odds. Assuming the next bet odds again is 3.5 the calculation is £4.8 / 2.5 . Once again for the odds we use decimal odds - 1. This gives us £1.92. Add on the default stake of £2. The next stake is going to be £1.92 + £2 = £3.92.

Once a bet wins and the series loss is recovered the series starts again. On a long losing run the stakes could increase dramatically so a stop loss is advisable. The picture belows shows the above example and further bets.

Bookies 2

In TSM there are several settings available including the default stake size, stop loss and the ability to link the default stake to the cumulative total.

Bookies Bank V2 Settings