You can run several instances of TSM perfectly safely. There is no need to install TSM into several folders.

Caution note Caution

Please be aware of Profiles when using Multiple Instances of TSM. Each Instance of TSM SHOULD be using its own Profile to avoid any Settings issues. This is especially important when using Multiple Instances in Automated Betting.

Further details regarding Profiles can be found under - Profiles - Memory Slots

If you open 2 instances of TSM and use the same settings profiles, problems may occur in incorrect stakes, settings being used.

Each instance of TSM is linked to a different tab in Gruss Betting Assistant.

Process for running 2 instances of TSM with Gruss

1) Start up Gruss BA and login. Setup your 2 tabs in Gruss. The default tab is called zero(0) and the second tab is called one(1).  Gruss will look similar to below -

2) Open up TSM and choose which setting profile you wish to run the TSM instance under. In the example below I have created 2 additional profiles and called these Gruss tab 1 Profile and Gruss Tab 2 Profile. I have selected Gruss Tab 1 Profile I am going to connect this to the first tab in Gruss.

3)  Make sure the Gruss Tab Link in TSM is set to zero(0).

4) Connect TSM to Gruss. You have now linked this instance of TSM to Gruss Tab Zero(0)

5) Start up a NEW version of TSM. This link will show you how. Choose a different setting profile to run this instance under. In this example I am going to use Gruss Tab 2 Profile.

6) This time we want to connect to the second Gruss Tab. We do this by changing the Gruss Tab Link in TSM to one(1). Remember you can ONLY change the Gruss Tab Link when TSM is NOT connected to Gruss.

7) Connect this instance of TSM to Gruss. You have now linked this instance of TSM to Gruss Tab One(1).

If you want to run more instances at the same time simply add the tabs in Gruss and remember to change the Gruss Tab Link in TSM. Gruss Tabs start at index zero (0). 

You cannot run more than 1 instance of Gruss. This is because TSM will always connect to the Gruss Instance that was created first.