All files other than TSM files are now loaded into the TSMapp via the import wizard screen. This is the same import wizard that we use for copy/pasting data into TSMapp. This is covered in the Paste Data Into TSM section.

The process for importing CSV/TXT files is essentially the same. On the main menu go to File and then Load TSM/CSV/TXT File. Then on the new screen press 'Load CSV/TXT File'.

This takes you to the Import Wizard. Load CSV/TXT files via the button shown below.

In this example I have loaded a previously saved CSV file. You can see the data needs to be split into columns. Press Next to move onto the next screen.

We then tell TSMapp the correct columns to use. Once done press Next.

Finally - Once happy choose to either Append to or Replace the current bet data and then press Finish.