There are several ways of loading data into TSMapp. On the main menu select File and then Load TSM/CSV/TXT File.

This brings up a new screen as shown below

1) Load a Virtual File

In 'Saving Your Data' we learnt about Virtual File. Highlight the Virtual File and press 'Load Selected Virtual File' to load the data into TSMapp. Initially all the files will be called 'Empty'.

2) Load TSM File

This loads a previously saved TSM file from your desktop/tablet/mobile.

When you load any TSM File you will view a preview screen to confirm you have the right file. When you are happy with the data press 'Load Data into TSMapp' button.

3) Load CSV/TXT File

This loads a previously saved CSV/TXT file from your desktop/tablet/mobile. There is a entire topic for this feature.

To learn about Importing from CSV/TXT Files into the TSMapp - Importing From CSV/TXT