The Next Stake is shown directly beneath the results table.

Some staking plans calculate the next stake on the next bets odds data rather than previous results. The staking plans that require the next bets odds data to calculate the next stake are

Back - Secure, Fixed, Kelly, Bookies Bank V2, Recovery Type 3 and Stop at a Winner (SAW).

Lay - Lay Liability, Lay Mixed, Percentage Liability, Lay Kelly, Maria and Maria Liability.

When these staking plans are selected the next stake box will normally display the text as shown in the picture below.

To be able to calculate the next stake for these staking plans you need to enter the bet selection (horse column) and the odds data for the next bet. Enter your 'Awaits Result' String to signify the bet is not yet complete.

Reminder how Win/Lose Strings work - Win/Lose Strings

The picture below shows an example of how this would look. In the Win/Lose Column you would simply enter the 'Awaits Result' String.  Once the next bet data is entered press the Update Results button

The Profit/loss Column will be shown as if the bet had lost to signify the worst case scenario. 

You can actually enter more than one future bet. For instance if you have 5 bets for the day, you may wish to input them into the software at the same time. The software will automatically display the next stake for the next unresolved bet.