Automated Betting is ONLY available in our specialist Automated Betting Bot called The Bet Machine.

The Bet Machine - TBM has been designed from the ground up to cover virtually ALL possible Horse Racing and Greyhound Betting scenarios.

  • Multiple Markets - Designed for use with all UK, IRE, USA, AUS, RSA, SWE, SIN Horse Racing and UK and AUS Greyhound Racing monitoring Win,Place and Extra Place Markets. Also available Soccer & Tennis Match Odds.
  • Multiple Selection Inputs - Manual Entry, Copy/Paste, Automated Selections, Link to Excel and Online Tipsters.
  • Selection Hunter - Use the built in system designer with over 45 different criteria. Back test your own selection systems and create your own bespoke selection systems.
  • Dutch Bets - Back and Lay Dutch to Equal Profit or Equal Stake when multiple selections are found.
  • Run Multiple Instances of TBM - Run Multiple Instances of TBM each including 8 methods per instance. Each method running its own selection criteria.
  • Uses Gruss Betting Assistant - TBM uses Gruss Betting Assistant to place all bets on Betfair. Betdaq Version to be released in Summer 2020.
  • Multiple Staking Plans - Every Staking Plan in TSM ported over to TBM.
  • Conditional Betting - Add additional conditions to your bets to only place bets when criteria is met.
  • Split Bets - Also known as Each Way Bets. Ability to Split Single Bets on a Ratio Over multiple markets.
  • Targets and Stop Loss - Set targets and stop loss for each method used as well as globally.
  • Export Bet Data - Export your bet data into CSV, TXT and TSM (The Staking Machine) files.

To find out more about The Bet Machine including a 7 day free trial head on over to the dedicated website.