Access Global Settings through the Application Settings Tab.

Global Settings include -

  • Decimal Places - This is the number of decimal places the results data is displayed to. Default is 2.
  • Commission - Commission can be turned on or off. The amount can also be changed. Press the Refresh Button to see any changes after editing the value.

  • Use Betting Tax - There is now an option to use Betting Tax instead of Commission. This is calculated differently to Commission. Betting Tax has been added after German users are forced to pay 5% Betting Tax. Bookmakers usually only charge this tax on winning bets and when they do it is based on your entire bet winnings. This includes your stake.

  • Last Row Upon Update - When checked - Upon Every Update to the Main table, the last row will be automatically selected.
  • Use Dutch Mode - This turns on Dutch Mode.

Further details can be found under - Using Dutch Mode