The Data Manipulation Menu relates to all matters concerned with changing the ALL the bet data at the same time.

There are various ways this can be done.


Shuffle Sequence - Pressing this button simply shuffles the Bet Data Order.

Reverse Sequence - Pressing this button simply reverses the Bet Data Order.


Multiply Sequence x 2 - Pressing this button copies ALL the data and adds it again to the end of the bet data. The maximum bets allowed is 50,000.

Adjust Odds

Increase All Odds by 1 Tick - This increases all odds by 1 Tick. (1 Tick refers to Betfair Exchange Ticks).

Decrease All odds by 1 Tick - This decreases all odds by 1 Tick (1 Tick refers to Betfair Exchange Ticks)

Convert to Horse Racing Betfair SP - The formula used to Estimate Betfair SP is based on several quadratic equations rather than increases by a set percentage based on odds range. Using several quadratic equations proves to be over 3 times as accurate. From time to time the equations will be checked against the latest data and adapted accordingly.

Convert to Horse Racing SP - The exact reverse of the above.

You can also access the Data Manipulation Features if you right click with your mouse on the Main Grid. This will bring up a context menu with various options.