Frequently Asked Questions


Answers of Frequently Asked Questions

How many computers can I install TSM Desktop on ?

Your purchase provides 2 licenses of TSM. This means you can install and run TSM on 2 computers at any one time.

I have updated my computer. Can I transfer TSM over to my new computer ?

Yes. You will need to reset your TSM unlocks. Please use

I have TSM Version 4.0 on my computer. Am I eligible to upgrade to TSM Version 5.0 ?

TSM Version 5.0 was released on 23/06/2014.

  • If you have previously purchased TSM you were guaranteed Free Updates for 1 Year from Date of Purchase. If you have purchased TSM in the last year. (1st June 2013 onwards) then you are able to download TSM Version 5.0 and Unlock the software straight away.
  • Download Link -
  • TSM Version 5.0 will install in a NEW directory called TSMV5.
  • You can run TSM V4 alongside TSM V5.
  • If you have purchased TSM more than a year ago. (Prior to 1st June 2013) then you are eligible to a discount. Discount Link -
  • You do not have to update your software. TSM V4.0 will still be supported however no further code changes will be made to it. All work going forward will be with TSM V5.0
  • Contact Support directly with any issues. Please allow 24 hours to reply.

What is the Maximum Bet Limit for the software ?

The evaluation copy is limited to ten bets as that should be enough for you to see what the software can do. The full paid version is limited to the memory on your computer. On a top end computer I have managed to work with 250,000 rows of data. Anything over 50,000 rows and TSM will warn you before attempting the calculations.

What is the Optimum Screen Resolution ?

The optimum screen resolution for the software is 1024x768 or larger. To change your screen resolution - in windows this is done by

Start-> Control Panel -> Display --> Settings --> Look at the bottom left of the screen.

Why is the order of my Quick Pick List all over the place ? (Automated Betting)

If the Quick Pick List schedules are not displaying in the correct time sequence, make sure your PC clock is set to 24 hours rather than 12 hour am and pm.