This plan is simple but effective. It is based around the fact that lower odds on a horse imply that it is more likely to win than a horse with higher odds, and in this context the stakes are adjusted accordingly. This methodology theoretically protects your betting bank from staking large amounts on horses that are less likely to win. You can change and manipulate the variables to suit your own style of betting.

Over time this has been quoted by many professionals as being the best of all the staking plans, but once again, this is purely a matter of opinion as opposed to a matter of fact.

Using a starting bank of say £200.00, the first level of the sequence would look something like this:

• maximum to be bet = £10% of the bank = £20.00
• the stake is set as a percentage of the maximum bet amount.
• all odds less than 2/1 (3.00) use 100% of the stake = £10
• for odds greater than 2/1 (3.00) a stepped sequence of reducing percentages is used.

In TSM the following odds bands can be used giving you full control over your staking plan settings.

Secure Staking Plan Settings

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