Unlocking TSM

The Staking Machine can be unlocked immediately after purchase. The following also applies to Upgrading the Software. Make sure you are connected to the internet before unlocking the software. Start up the software through the normal method by going to windows 'Start' --> 'All Programs' --> The Staking Machine V5.0

On the main screen click go to 'Register/Unlock' as in the screen below. From the drop down choose register or upgrade.

Register 1

You will be taken to the unlock screen. To unlock the software all that is required is your email address that you used when purchasing the software. This is the email address linked to your paypal account. If you do not have a paypal account it will be the email address you gave paypal during the purchase.

Register 2

Once you have entered the email address, press the 'Attempt Automatic Unlock' button as shown above.

If the email entered is on the purchase list your software will then unlock itself through online automation. You will receive a message box showing you whether you were successful or not. A successful unlock appears as below.

Register 3

If you have problems registering the software email us direct at admin@thestakingmachine.com