The XYZ Staking Plan was added to TSM many years ago and is a firm favourite among our users.  So called XYZ because of the infinite settings available to the user. The XYZ Staking Plan can actually be used to recreate and adapt 4 other staking plans already included in TSM.

Fibonacci (all versions!)

With XYZ you can define and build your own sequence based staking plan. The sequence of numbers can be any length from 1 – 20. The sequence of numbers you use can be any number.

XYZ Settings
The final settings to choose are where to go next in the sequence if the bet wins or loses. There are 8 choices here as shown in the image below depicting what happens when you select the drop down menu next to ‘If Win’ and ‘If Lose’.


Using the XYZ staking plan you can ‘program’ any type of sequence based staking plan including many variations of other staking plans already included in TSM.

Windows Desktop TSM Version 6.0

Evaluation version of TSM is restricted to 10 bets at any one time. No time restrictions in place. 

Web Based Version - TSMapp 6.0

Login as Demo User. Restriction of 10 bets at any one time.