Bet Results

Bet Result Timer - This option can be turned on and off. The amount of seconds shown here is how long TSM will wait for the bet result after the bet has been placed. For instance, if your bet is placed 30 seconds before the off and the race is delayed by 10 minutes. If your bet limit is set at 600 seconds. After 10 minutes, TSM will assume a loss and allow the next bet to be selected and placed. You can then change the bet result manually at the end of the day. This should only be used with staking plans that do not require the bet result to calculate the next stake. You can set the string used to suit your needs. The default text is "Timed Out - ASSUME LOSS". This is used so that you can easily identify which bets may need checking at the end of the day. However, if you wish to assume a win, you can edit this to use your win string.

Betting Assistant Win/Lose String - When TSM places the bet it puts the 'awaits result' string in the bet data. This cannot be changed.  However what TSM enters as a win or lose string can be edited. This is used when the result IS known. These should match your default win/lose strings.

Date Stamp Selections - When this is ticked your results will be date/time stamped. The data is taken from your computer clock.

Results Sweep -  When this is turned on the Bet Reference Provided by Betfair is added to the Selection Column in the main table. Every 60 seconds this bet reference is checked for a result. If a result is found, TSM will automatically update the previous and subsequent calculations. This must be turned on when placing bets at BSP.