There are several very important settings that must be set. First one is Betting Assistant Settings.

Opening Gruss - TSM Settings displays a new screen.  Relevant Options have been placed on the relevant Tab.

Bet Placement Tab

Bet Placement Timing - is when the bet will be placed. Default is 60 seconds before scheduled off. This allows for plenty of money to be available in the market.

Enable IN PLAY Betting - At default no bets are placed once the market has turned in play. If this box is checked bets may still be placed by TSM even after the market has turned IN PLAY.

Place Back Bets are Betfair Starting Price - This has the effect of placing bets at odds of 1000. As soon as the market goes INPLAY all bets are matched according to the Betfair BSP algorithm. When the market is a NON BSP market, the bet will simply lapse. Some TSM-Gruss Advanced Settings will be ignored as the bet will need to stay live. Min. stake for Back bets BSP is 1p.  BSP Not available for Lay Bets. Results Sweepstake on Gruss-TSM Advanced Settings Tab must be enabled when placing bets at BSP.

Automatic Save Feature - This is an option to save your bet data after a bet has been placed or resulted. You will need to have loaded a saved file in the first place to be able to use this feature or have set the desired location to save the file.

Dutch Betting - Enabling this option tells TSM that when there is more than one selection in the current market that matches those on your selection list that TSM is to place these bets as Dutch bets. (Split Stake for Equal Profit). No bets will be placed if the combined odds is <1.01. All bets are placed at the current odds and therefore if 'Place Back Bets at BSP is enabled' this will be ignored. The results for all bets placed via Dutch betting are obtained through the results sweep which needs to be enabled. (Bet Results Tab).  Dutch Bets are placed at the same time and are shown as a single bet in the main table.

Bet Criteria Tab

Minimum and Maximum Odds - This allows you add an extra filter to your bets. Only selections that fall in this range will be placed. If the selections are out of this range the selection stays in the selection list.

All Markets Odd Filter applies to just that. ALL Markets.

There are 2 additional filters for All Horse and Greyhound Win Markets and All Horse and Greyhound Place Markets. These filters only apply to markets that have been loaded into the quick pick list through one of the shortcut drop downs on the Quick Pick List.

Amount Matched - This option allows you to check how much money has been placed on the whole market prior to placing any bets. This is pretty useful for events where little money is placed until the last moment such as greyhound racing.

Back/Lay Odds Difference Check - This option can be turned on and off. This will check the tick difference between placing the bet. This is useful in markets with little liquidity where there is a large gap between the back and lay price.

Number of Runners - This allows you to filter out races as desired.

Selection List and Market Data Case Matching - This determines whether the selections in the selection list have to exactly match the upper case and lower case of the selection in the Market Data. When switched ON - Case matching is strict. When turned OFF and difference in upper case and lower case is ignored.

Strip Gate Number from Market Data - For many International Horse Races and UK Greyhound Races - Betfair include the gate number or trap number  as a prefix to the selection. This can be pain when importing selections into the selection list that do not have this prefix. When this switch is turned on, all gate/trap prefixes are removed from the data at source. This means that the data displayed in TSM will not include the gate/trap number.

Quick Pick List

Market Offset - This setting is useful when loading Win Markets and Place Markets simultaneously. By giving the Win OR Place Market an Offset you can run Win and Place Markets simultaneously in the Quick Pick List. Markets can be brought forward by a set amount of seconds.  For instance an Offset of 60 seconds will bring the Scheduled Start Time Forward by 60 seconds. This setting ONLY applies to markets loaded into the Quick Pick List from the Quick Pick List Drop down. Applies to both Horse AND Greyhound Racing. Range allowed is 10-600 seconds.

Bet Session

Session Limit - This allows you to stop automated betting once certain criteria is met.

Time Control - Place bets within a time period.

Bet Logging

Bet Logging - When ticked this will allow detailed bet logging to take place. A new file is created at the start of each day. The file name is pre-fixed with the settings profile you are using. So each profile of TSM will have its own bet log. The log records all communication between TSM and Gruss. This is turned off at default. The file is created and stored in a sub directory called Betlogs where TSM is installed.

Bet Results

Bet Result Timer - This option can be turned on and off. The amount of seconds shown here is how long TSM will wait for the bet result after the bet has been placed. For instance, if your bet is placed 30 seconds before the off and the race is delayed by 10 minutes. If your bet limit is set at 600 seconds. After 10 minutes, TSM will assume a loss and allow the next bet to be selected and placed. You can then change the bet result manually at the end of the day. This should only be used with staking plans that do not require the bet result to calculate the next stake. You can set the string used to suit your needs. The default text is "Timed Out - ASSUME LOSS". This is used so that you can easily identify which bets may need checking at the end of the day. However, if you wish to assume a win, you can edit this to use your win string.

Betting Assistant Win/Lose String - When TSM places the bet it puts the 'awaits result' string in the bet data. This cannot be changed.  However what TSM enters as a win or lose string can be edited. This is used when the result IS known. These should match your default win/lose strings.

Date Stamp Selections - When this is ticked your results will be date/time stamped. The data is taken from your computer clock.

Results Sweep -  When this is turned on the Bet Reference Provided by Betfair is added to the Selection Column in the main table. Every 60 seconds this bet reference is checked for a result. If a result is found, TSM will automatically update the previous and subsequent calculations. This must be turned on when placing bets at BSP.

TSM- Gruss Connection Settings

Set IP and Port to Remote Connect to Gruss Server -  During Automated Betting TSM connect to Gruss. Gruss simply acts as server which TSM connects to. Default IP and Port numbers are as per screenshot. Sometimes another application is already using these settings in which case we can change what IP address or Port Number we are connecting on. More details can be found here.

Advanced Bet Placement

If Initial Bet is not matched ? - A bet has been placed by TSM through the Gruss COM interface. The bet has not been immediately matched. What do you want TSM to do ? Normally TSM will update the bet odds to the latest odds and the bet will be matched. However there is the option to cancel the bet and start again.

Update with Average Price Matched -   During automated betting the average price matched may be different to the odds that were initially requested in TSM. When this checkbox is ticked the odds in TSM will update to the actual average odds matched. The update takes place once the bet result is known OR once the bet has been manually reset. At default this option is turned off.

If odds change during bet placement process ? - A selection has been made either manually or by using an automated selection system. The selection is first placed into the selection table. It is then placed into the Master Table in order to obtain the correct stake to use. The market data is then refreshed one final time before a bet is placed. If the odds have changed during the refresh what do you want to happen ?

This is useful during periods of rapid odds movements such as during in play. Although no guarantee it can offer an element of protection if the odds suddenly change. The options available are

       1) Carry on using the latest odds obtained (Default Option)

       2) Only place the bet if the odds have shortened or stayed the same. (Note - Bets at lengthened odds may still be placed due to Betfair best price execution.)

       3) Only place the bet if the odds have lengthened or stayed the same.