Advanced Bet Placement

If Initial Bet is not matched ? - A bet has been placed by TSM through the Gruss COM interface. The bet has not been immediately matched. What do you want TSM to do ? Normally TSM will update the bet odds to the latest odds and the bet will be matched. However there is the option to cancel the bet and start again.

Update with Average Price Matched -   During automated betting the average price matched may be different to the odds that were initially requested in TSM. When this checkbox is ticked the odds in TSM will update to the actual average odds matched. The update takes place once the bet result is known OR once the bet has been manually reset. At default this option is turned off.

If odds change during bet placement process ? - A selection has been made either manually or by using an automated selection system. The selection is first placed into the selection table. It is then placed into the Master Table in order to obtain the correct stake to use. The market data is then refreshed one final time before a bet is placed. If the odds have changed during the refresh what do you want to happen ?

This is useful during periods of rapid odds movements such as during in play. Although no guarantee it can offer an element of protection if the odds suddenly change. The options available are

       1) Carry on using the latest odds obtained (Default Option)

       2) Only place the bet if the odds have shortened or stayed the same. (Note - Bets at lengthened odds may still be placed due to Betfair best price execution.)

       3) Only place the bet if the odds have lengthened or stayed the same.