Daily Schedules

Daily Schedules allow you to tell TSM to do some work at set times during the day. This can come in useful when you are running TSM 24/7 on a VPS. Normally you would have to refresh the markets in Gruss and then refresh the Quick Pick in TSM on a daily basis. When this feature is turned on TSM will do the refresh for you.

All timings are based off your PC Clock. All timings are GMT. All timings are based on a 24 hour clock. For instance in the screenshot above the Gruss Market Refresh is scheduled for 0600 hours whilst the TSM Quick Pick List Refresh and Session Stats Refresh is scheduled to run at 0700 hours GMT.

If you are running multiple instances of TSM it is advised to run the Gruss Market Refresh before the other Quick Pick List and Session Stats Refresh.

Caution note Note

Daily Schedules is designed to assist you in full automation however is NOT a substitute for checking your VPS on a daily basis.

Daily Refresh of Gruss Markets - This will activate a Market Refresh in Gruss Betting Assistant. A Market Refresh in Gruss should take place at least once every 24 hours in order to ensure ALL markets are loaded into Gruss Memory. Only markets loaded into Gruss Memory are available in the TSM Quick Pick List.  The Gruss Market Refresh can take around 1 minute. During the refresh TSM may appear frozen.

Caution note Note

If you are running multiple instances of TSM you ONLY need to enable this refresh in ONE instance of TSM.

Daily Refresh of Quick Pick List in TSM - This will activate a refresh of the Quick Pick List in TSM. All checked options will be added to the Quick Pick List.  The Quick Pick List is cleared prior to the Refresh. The top most market in the Quick Pick List is automatically selected once all markets are loaded.

Daily Refresh of Session Stats - This will activate a reset of the Session Stats. (As per Bet Session Tab).  When a session limit is reached TSM pauses all betting. Once the session stats are reset betting will be enabled again. Please remember a daily refresh here will enable betting to start again as it will reset the current session to Zero.

In addition to clearing the session stats this will also clear any bet selections in the selection list.