Bet Placement Tab

Bet Placement Timing - is when the bet will be placed. Default is 60 seconds before scheduled off. This allows for plenty of money to be available in the market.

Enable IN PLAY Betting - At default no bets are placed once the market has turned in play. If this box is checked bets may still be placed by TSM even after the market has turned IN PLAY.

Place Back Bets are Betfair Starting Price - This has the effect of placing bets at odds of 1000. As soon as the market goes INPLAY all bets are matched according to the Betfair BSP algorithm. When the market is a NON BSP market, the bet will simply lapse. Some TSM-Gruss Advanced Settings will be ignored as the bet will need to stay live. Min. stake for Back bets BSP is 1p.  BSP Not available for Lay Bets. Results Sweepstake on Gruss-TSM Advanced Settings Tab must be enabled when placing bets at BSP.

Automatic Save Feature - This is an option to save your bet data after a bet has been placed or resulted. You will need to have loaded a saved file in the first place to be able to use this feature or have set the desired location to save the file.

Dutch Betting - Enabling this option tells TSM that when there is more than one selection in the current market that matches those on your selection list that TSM is to place these bets as Dutch bets. (Split Stake for Equal Profit). No bets will be placed if the combined odds is <1.01. All bets are placed at the current odds and therefore if 'Place Back Bets at BSP is enabled' this will be ignored. The results for all bets placed via Dutch betting are obtained through the results sweep which needs to be enabled. (Bet Results Tab).  Dutch Bets are placed at the same time and are shown as a single bet in the main table.