Frequently Asked Questions

Your purchase provides 2 licenses of TSM. This means you can install and run TSM on 2 computers at any one time.

The evaluation copy is limited to ten bets as that should be enough for you to see what the software can do. The full paid version is limited to the memory on your computer. On a top end computer I have managed to work with 250,000 rows of data. Anything over 50,000 rows and TSM will warn you before attempting the calculations.

TSM Version 7.0 was released on 31/01/2020. TSM Version 7.0 is a MAJOR update however we have decided to release TSM Version 7.0 as a MINOR update. This means everyone who currently has a license for TSM Version 6.0 can install and unlock TSM Version 7.0 at NO EXTRA cost. 

The optimum screen resolution for the software is 1024×768 or larger. To change your screen resolution – in windows this is done by

Start-> Control Panel -> Display –> Settings –> Look at the bottom left of the screen.

Monte Carlo Simulations – This feature allows you to shuffle your bet data and see what the results are after each shuffle. The Desktop Version of TSM allows you to run this 100,000 times. The TSMapp is restricted to 40 times. The TSMapp is also restricted to only using the first 1000 bets of your data. This is because this feature is extremely CPU intensive. If we gave unlimited access to this feature in the TSMapp it could potentially crash the server or make the TSMapp unusable for everyone else. 

All other features that are in TSM Desktop are available in TSMapp. It should be noted that all calculations in the TSMapp are completed on the server side. Not your computer. This means that when dealing with large amounts of data the TSMapp WILL be slower than the Desktop Version of TSM. Under 5000 bets and the difference is neglible. There is also a difference in the licensing model used for each version. The Desktop Version requires a one off payment which is currently £39.99. All updates for the following year are included. This includes Major and Minor updates. After 1 year further updates are NOT guaranteed. The web based TSMapp uses the SAAS (Software as a Service) Licensing Model. There are several subscription options available. The cheapest being £40 for 1 year. As long you are subscribed to the TSMapp you will ALWAYS have access to the latest version of the TSMapp.