Frequently Asked Questions

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In short – all features in TSM Desktop are available in the TSMapp. One Subscription covers access to both products. 

No. You will have access to TSM up to the date your renewal was due. Any pre-paid time left on your subscription will be honoured. 

Your subscription provides 2 licenses of TSM V8 (Desktop). This means you can install and run TSM on 2 computers at any one time.

The evaluation copy is limited to ten bets as that should be enough for you to see what the software can do. After subscription – 

TSM V8 (Desktop) is limited to 100,000 rows of data. 

TSMapp (Web Based) is limited to 50,000 rows of data.

The optimum screen resolution for the software is 1024×768 or larger. To change your screen resolution – in windows this is done by

Start-> Control Panel -> Display –> Settings –> Look at the bottom left of the screen.

Yes. You will need to reset your TSM unlocks.

For all TSM Version 8.0 Users – TSM Version 8.0 License Reset

Or if you are still using TSM Version 7.0 – TSM Version 7.0 License Reset

TSM Version 7.0 was released on 31/01/2020. When you purchased TSM Version 7.0 updates were guaranteed for 1 year from your date of purchase. 

In order to honour this promise, if you purchased TSM V7 after 1st December 2022 we will credit you with a minimum of 12 months free subscription to TSM V8 and TSMapp. 

If you purchased TSM V7 before 1st December 2022 we will credit you with 3 months free subscription to TSM V8 and TSMapp. 

Both of these offers are only available by request via email or using the contact page. 

For more details please see this blog post. 

As per our blog post support for TSM Version 7.0 will finish on 01st Jan 2025. 

In the mean time if you need to download TSM V7 then use this link. 

TSM Version 7.0 Download