TSM Version 8 Released (Desktop & Web)

Notice to all TSM Version 7 Desktop Users

On the 1st December 2023 The Staking Machine Version 8 (TSM V8) was released. TSM V8 is subscription based. This means a live TSM subscription is required to use TSM V8. A live TSM subscription will give you access to TSM V8 (Windows Desktop) as well as the TSMapp (Web App -Browser Based Version). One subscription. Two Products.

If you had previously purchased a license for an earlier version of TSM, you will note your license included 1 year of updates from your date of purchase.

Therefore, if you have previously purchased TSM and would like access to TSM V8 (Desktop) and TSMapp (Web App) please email support. Depending on your date of TSM purchase will depend on what access is available to you. In short –

  • Anyone who has purchased TSM V7 since 1st December 2022 will have a minimum of 12 months free subscription.
  • Anyone who purchased TSM V7 before 1st December 2022 will have 3 months free subscription.

After the free subscription period, a live TSM subscription will be required in order to continue access.

These offers are only available by email request.

It should be noted that TSM Version 7 support and major bug fixes will continue until 1st Jan 2025 however only TSM V8 will be developed going forward.

Notice to all current TSMapp Subscribers

From the 1st December 2023, your subscription to the TSMapp is being upgraded to include the Desktop Version of TSM, The Staking Machine Version 8 (TSM V8). TSM V8 is now part of your TSM subscription. TSM V8 is windows based and will therefore only work on a Windows Computer. If you do not wish to use TSM V8 then you do not need to do anything at all.

If you wish to use TSM V8 alongside the TSMapp then you will need to download, install and register the software on your computer.

Download as per – https://www.thestakingmachine.com/download/
Registration as per – https://www.thestakingmachine.com/docs/TSMV8-Desktop/RegisteringYourSoftware.html

As with the TSMapp, a live TSM subscription is required to use TSM V8. If you cancel your TSM subscription, access to TSM V8 will continue until the date that the subscription would of been up for renewal.