TSM Latest Updates

At the end of December last year we released the latest version of TSM (V8) to Windows Desktop and TSMapp V8 (Web Based) and made them both subscription based. 

In the latest version, both TSM V8 (Desktop) and TSMapp (Web Based) have been completely re-written. Leaning on every coding technique learnt over the last 20 years, the latest TSM is the most powerful and stable version yet. 

One subscription covers access to both the TSM V8 (Desktop) and TSMapp (Web Based). 

There are 2 subscription options – £25 every 6 months or £40 yearly. In a world of rising prices we feel this offers amazing value at less than £5 a month. 

Once you are subscribed you will have access to TSM V8 (Windows Desktop) AND you will also have access to the TSMapp (Web Based). 

So you may be asking why you should pay out for a subscription if you have a working older copy of TSM on your computer still ?  Here is a list of some honest answers ! 

  • A subscription to TSM helps keep TSM sustainable going forward. This is in regards to ongoing development, support responses and server costs etc. 
  • TSM V8 and TSMapp already have many features in them that previous versions of TSM do not have –
    • Latest TSMapp is a minimum of 20 times quicker than the previous version. For example, calculating 2000 bets with all staking plans enabled was timed at an average of 1.4 seconds. The Latest TSMapp using the same dataset and settings takes on average 0.07 seconds. TSM V8 Desktop is also much faster than TSM V7 but not by the same magnitude !
    • Load and Save Files to the TSM Server in both TSM V8 and TSMapp. This makes the versions of TSM completely interchangeable. For instance you could start the day on your desktop in TSM V8. Save your bet data. Then in the afternoon on your work computer, you could use the TSMapp and carry on where you left.   
    • Duel Input – You can now type directly into TSM or add bets individually in a pop-up dialog. You no longer need to change view to do this. This makes a more intuitive user experience and keeps things simple. This is the same for the TSMapp which previously you could not type directly into.
    • Generate Reports – If you have included extra data in the Spare Columns, you can now generate Reports based on this data. For instance if you have included Date, Race Course or Race Type you can look at the profit for each category. This video on our You Tube Channel show cases this – https://youtu.be/EBWUUR8p0HU
    • Advanced Filters – In conjunction with Generating Reports you can now filter on these categories. This allows you to really drill down into your data and find that edge. This video on our You Tube  Channel show cases Advanced Filters – https://youtu.be/rushTauxmwA
    • Variable Back & Lay Dutch Calculator – Both versions of TSM now include our Variable Dutch Calculator. This allows you change the profit ratio of each selection in your dutch bet – There is a video on our YouTube Channel that explains how to use the calculator – https://youtu.be/HbMlgX1loVM
    • All Tutorial Videos have been updated to show the latest TSM V8 Desktop – https://www.thestakingmachine.com/videos/ 
    • We have also started adding Videos to explain Staking Plans. We already Fibonacci and Retirement Staking Plan videos with Pro and Stop At A Winner next on the list. https://www.thestakingmachine.com/staking-plan-videos/
    • UK/IRE Horse Racing & UK Greyhound Racing Racecards – Available in both TSM V8 (Desktop) & TSMapp. Racecards include Merlin Rating and Predicted Rank (In House Ratings formally part of The Bet Machine (Automated Betting Sister Software)
    • TSM V8 and TSMapp share a lot of the same code base. This makes adding new features easier going forward. There are lot’s of plans going forward as we plan to make TSM a suite of betting tools. For those familiar with our sister software, The Bet Machine (Automated Betting Software) – https://www.thebetmachine.com/ – we have Selection Hunter for UK/IRE Horse Racing and UK Greyhound Racing planned to be ported across so that TSM users will also have access. For those that don’t know – Selection Hunter is a powerful filtering tool that will allow you to very quickly find and add suitable selections for all UK and IRE Horse Racing and UK Greyhound Racing. In short – you will be able to Create, Analyse and Save your own Selection Systems in TSM.

Going Forward – 

Support for TSM V7 and major bug fixes will finish on 1st Jan 2025.

If you have TSM V7 and wish to try the latest TSM Version for a few months (Only applies to TSM V7 Users) then have a look at the blog post from the end of last year – https://www.thestakingmachine.com/tsm-version-8-released-on-desktop-web/

For anyone wishing to try latest versions of TSM – Download and Access TSM V8 Desktop or the TSMapp at https://www.thestakingmachine.com/download/

You can use TSM V8 Desktop in evaluation mode (10 bets at anyone time). Login into the TSMapp in demo mode. Again restricted to 10 bets at any one time. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this far !