The default auto selection system is None. To change this you need to go to press the select button as shown below.

Here you can select which auto selection system to use.

When one of these systems are selected, TSM checks the market on the fly. If a selection is found, this is then added to the selection list. Any selection in the selection list is in play. This means you can add your own bets as well as the automated selections. If more than one selection is found the top most selection in the selection list is used.

To edit any of the systems hit the Automated Selection Systems Settings button.

A new screen appears as below -

Favourites - This allows you to automatically select the 1st,2nd 3rd favourite etc. If no selection is found or there is a tie it will wait for the next refresh and then check again.

Search For A String - 'Search For A String' is designed for use primarily with Greyhound Racing. It allows you to search for a string inside another string.

For instance, if you wish to back trap 6 throughout an evening of greyhound racing you could search for the number 6 inside each selection.

This is because all dogs in trap 6 are prefixed with a 6. For instance

6. Hooper

This can apply to other sports as well. 

Odds Based - The selection closest to the lower end of the odds range will be placed. When using this system you must allow for the 'Master Odds Filter'.

Build Your Own Greyhound System - This allows you to bet on greyhound racing traps when certain market criteria is matched.

Get Selections from Excel - If you run your triggered betting spreadsheets through Gruss but wish to use TSM for staking then setup your spreadsheet to display the bet selection text in a unique cell. TSM will check this unique cell for any changes upon each refresh. If a new selection is found this is added to the selection list.

As of TSM V6 R1.23 this will now work for a range of cells.

Single Cell Format is simply the cell number such as A1 or B5 or D9

A Group of Cells (Range) Format is simply the standard Excel Range Format. 2 Cell Numbers separated with a colon ':' such as  A1:A10 or A1:B5 or A4:D9

Build Your Own Favourite Based System - This allows you to bet on favourites when certain market criteria is matched. For instance if you wanted to bet on the second favourite but only if the 2nd favourite had odds of over 10 then you would use the following settings -

In Selection List And ...... - This will only place a bet if your selection is ALREADY in the selection list and the bet meets the additional selection criteria. This currently includes favourite ranking and odds based. In the screenshot below a bet will only be placed if the selection is less than or equal to 4th favourite and has an odds range of between 3 and 10.

Note - The Odds range that is set in the general criteria settings under Gruss - TSM settings will override this odds range IF the minimum odds are larger than set here or if the maximum odds are less than set here.

Favourite Ranking and Odds Based - This uses the same settings as 'In Selection List And....' however the selection does not need to be in the selection list. Any selection that fits the criteria is game on and will be added to the selection list. It is important to note that several selections might fit the criteria. TSM will loop through the market and the first selection it comes across that fits the criteria will be added. This is normally the selection with the lowest odds.

Automated selection systems select the bet and place it in the selection list. It is up to your Gruss - TSM Criteria settings as to whether the bet is actually placed.  Only selections that pass the Gruss - TSM criteria settings will be placed. This is covered next.