All bets that are automated must be in the "The Selection List".

You can enter bets into the selection list by -

1) Clicking on any row on the market data grid. That's the white/blue/pink parts in the Market Grid in TSM. The selection in that row will get added to the selection list.

2) Type in your selection via the keyboard into the selection list.

3) Use an Auto Selection System to allow TSM to enter bets itself when criteria has been met.

4) Paste in selections from Microsoft Excel. Click on the selection list drop down to access paste options. Or you can right click over the selection list.

5) Load selections from CSV/TXT files. Click on the selection list drop down to access CSV options.

You can delete a selection by right clicking on your mouse the highlighted selection in the selection list. Right clicking also allows you to paste in your selections from Excel.

Upon each refresh of data the contents of the selection list are checked against the current market. When a match is found and all the other bet criteria is matched a bet may be placed.