This is new feature introduced in TSM V6.0 R1.24

This feature allows us to add an additional code inside angle brackets <text goes here> to the bet selection to tell TSM which market to place the bet in.

This can be important when you wish to place some bets in the win market and other bets in the place markets. By adding an additional code into your selection text you can tell TSM which market to place the bet in.

In the screenshot below I have added all UK and IRE Win and Place Markets to the Quick Pick List. All Win markets have a time offset of 30 seconds so that both Win and Place Markets are monitored by TSM.

In the 14:00 hours Brighton Race I want to place a bet on 'Water Diviner' BUT only in the Place Market. Not the Win Market.

In order to tell TSM what to do we add the additional code inside brackets. TSM will only place the bet if the string inside the brackets can be found on the race name above the market.

All default Place markets have the text 'To Be Placed' so I have added <Placed> to the selection.

In the screenshot below you can see the selection was placed in the Place market.

This method can be used to place bets in other markets as well such as '3 TBP' or '4 TBP'. In the screenshot below I have added all UK win Markets with an offset of 30 seconds. For the 14:10 at Carlisle I have added the 4 TBP market manually.

I now want to place Luckofthedraw in the 4 TBP market so we add the code <4 TBP>.

And in the screenshot below we can see it was placed in the correct market.

When there is no code added TSM will continue as before. If there is a match in the currently displayed market and all the other bet criteria has been met the bet will be placed.