In addition to the Gruss-TSM criteria settings there is also the ability to add additional criteria for individual selections. This currently consists of the stake/liability.

This allows you to use TSM to place your bets to fixed stakes that you can set. When in use, TSM will ignore the 'Next Stake' as per the selected staking plan and will override it with the fixed stake. All bets that are placed this way add the Set Stake Filter <SSx> to the bet selection text. Recap Here. Whether you have the <SSx> turned on or off does not matter. The bet will still be placed with the stake override.

To access the Override Screen access the drop down on the selection list in the Automated Betting Screen.

The new screen will look similar to the image below. In the example below I have already added 3 selections. When the Stake is zero on this screen this means there is NO override. All the selections below will be staked as per the Selected Staking Plan and the Next Stake. You can edit the selections, enter new ones, or paste in selections. 

In the screenshot below I have made an override on the second selection and have shown this as a 50p stake.

Press Save and Close to go back to the Main Screen.

If Bahrikate is selected (it still has to satisfy any other criteria you have selected) the stake will be 0.5.

The override screen also has the ability to paste in selections and their respective stakes/liability.