Firstly we need to make sure Gruss Betting Assistant is up an running and setup correctly. This includes enabling the COM server in Gruss BA so that TSM can connect directly with Gruss BA. This video may also assist.

In Gruss BA go to Options --> Preferences

This opens up a new screen with multiple tabs on. Go to COM Server. Then make sure the COM server is enabled.

Then back in TSM turn on the TSM-Gruss Connection switch. 

If Gruss is not open yet or the COM interface has not been enabled you will get this error message -

Just click OK and fix the issue. Once TSM is connected the label will be green and the switch says "On".

By default TSM links directly to the first tab open in Gruss BA. If you want to connect to a different TAB in Gruss BA you can edit the Gruss Tab Link. This can only be changed when TSM and Gruss BA are NOT connected.