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The Data Manipulation Menu relates to all matters concerned with changing the ALL the bet data at the same time.

There are various ways this can be done.


Shuffle Sequence - Pressing this button simply shuffles the Bet Data Order.

Reverse Sequence - Pressing this button simply reverses the Bet Data Order.


Multiply Sequence x 2 - Pressing this button copies ALL the data and adds it again to the end of the bet data. The maximum bets allowed is 50,000.

Adjust Odds

Increase All Odds by 1 Tick - This increases all odds by 1 Tick. (1 Tick refers to Betfair Exchange Ticks).

Decrease All odds by 1 Tick - This decreases all odds by 1 Tick (1 Tick refers to Betfair Exchange Ticks)

Convert to Horse Racing Betfair SP - The formula used to Estimate Betfair SP is based on several quadratic equations rather than increases by a set percentage based on odds range. Using several quadratic equations proves to be over 3 times as accurate. From time to time the equations will be checked against the latest data and adapted accordingly.

Convert to Horse Racing SP - The exact reverse of the above.

Sort Columns

Sort Columns - Select either Spare1,Spare2 or Selection Column. Choose the format of that column. Either String, Numeric or Date. Then choose whether to sort Ascending or Descending. Press Sort button to sort the selected column.

Note - The format of the data in the selected column MUST match the selected format. If for instance you have selected Numeric, then every value in the selected column must be numeric. If a string is found instead then the sort will be aborted. The same applies when sorting on Date. TSM will automatically try and detect the date format. If it finds a value that it does not recognise as Date then the sort will be aborted. When using the Date feature it is important that the Date Format in your data is consistent.

Note - Use the UNDO button on the Main Grid to undo any sorting if needed.

Context Menu

You can also access the Data Manipulation Features if you right click with your mouse on the Main Grid. This will bring up a context menu with various options.