So you have now logged into the TSMapp. You will now be presented with the main screen. To enter your first bet you can press any of the two buttons highlighted below.

This will bring up the Edit Bet Screen.

The Selection Text Box can include any text.

The Odds Text Box will accept decimal format or fractional format.

The Win/Lose Text Box will accept any text.

The Spare 1 and Spare 2 Text Boxes are optional.

More Information On the Spare 1 and Spare 2 Extra Colums - Extra Columns

At default TSMapp assumes that a Win/Lose String of '1' means that the bet won. You can change this setting later.

As this is our first bet all we want to do is press is the dark BLUE button labeled 'Update Bet 1'.

This will take us back to the main screen. In the screen shot below I have added 3 bets. The first one is a winner and the second two are losers.

You can now switch between staking plans and see how each staking plan would effect the total profit.