One filter that is particularly useful is <LB>.  This is short for Last Bet. In some staking plans such as in the Maria Staking Plan and LayHiPro86 Staking Plan it is useful to be able to tell TSM when the last bet of the day or cycle is.

By entering <LB> in the ‘Horse’ column you are instructing the software of this fact.

To use <LB> in the Maria or LayHipro86 staking plans you need to ‘turn them on’ in staking plan settings.

In the example below the 'Percentage' staking plan is selected and <LB> switched on. See how at Bet 6 the stake is readjusted to the cumulative total.

<LB> filters have been added to

Back - Percentage, 1326 and Fixed

Lay - Percentage, Percentage Liability, Maria, Lay 1-4, Maria Liability, Lay HiPro86 SP4, Lay Percentage Up Down and Lay XYZ.