Lets follow through a typical example of someone previously recording their data in an excel spreadsheet.

You can see the user has various columns. The most important information required is the odds data and the Result.

Highlight all the data press copy so that the data is in the computer clipboard. In Excel this can be done by selecting the data and then either right click on the mouse and press copy or simply press Ctrl & C.

Now - back in TSM press the Paste Data into TSM button which can be found on the 'File' Tab.

The data is pasted into the TSM Import Wizard. You can start the process of arranging your data.

When pasting the data from Excel we need to use the default delimiter of TAB. This has the result of putting the data in the columns as shown.

Now press the 'Next' Button.

You can see on the next screen we MUST tell TSM which columns contain the data we need.

Make the necessary adjustments and we have the screen below. You can see that column 4 contains the bet selection data. Column 6 contains the odds data. Column 7 contains the bet result. The Spare Columns can be left empty. They are optional. But in this instance we will use the Track data and the Date. Notice also how the Start Import of data from Row Number is set to 2. This means that we miss out the first row containing headers.

Once happy press 'Next'.

TSM validates the data for you. In the example above there are no errors. You can either append the data to the Master Table or Replace the Data in the Master Table. Once complete press the 'Finish' Button.

If there are missing rows or missing odds or missing bet selections or even missing results TSM will create fake data for you and let you know in the Errors Found Text Box. You can manually edit any changes made directly on this screen.