Due to the number of rows that your data may contain TSM does not handle the printing of data. Instead it exports the data to a CSV or Excel file. CSV Files can be opened in Excel, OpenOffice, Notepad or any other software that you have set as the default for CSV Files. Excel Files can be opened in Excel or OpenOffice.

Select the staking plan you wish to export. Then press the Print/Export button which can found on the 'File' Tab.

This is a drop down for CSV/TXT or Excel.

If you select CSV/TEXT , a new screen appears asking you to confirm your delimiter.

Caution note Note

The delimiter that is expected by Windows will be dependent on the Language used in your version of Windows. As a guide, the following languages should be using a comma(,)

English, Hebrew, Maltese, All Spain Except Spain (Spain), Thai, Vietnamese, and Welsh

The following languages should be using a semi-colon(;)

German, Greek,  Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spain(Spain), Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

If you choose to export to Excel then you simply get a save dialog.