You can save your data as a TSM, CSV or TXT File.

TSM is the extension that has been chosen to represent TSM files. They can be double clicked from windows and will be loaded automatically into a new instance of TSM.

CSV and TXT files can be opened in most spreadsheet editors. 

All files simply save the Selection, Odds and Win/Lose String. To export specific staking plan results you need to Print/Export.

See Also - Print/Export

Access Loading/Saving of Files through the 'File' Tab.

Save as TSM File

To Save as TSM File press the Save as TSM Button

The Save Dialog will appear and you can save the TSM file anywhere on your computer.

Save as CSV/TXT File

To Save as CSV/TXT press the Save as CSV/TXT Button

If you save to CSV or TXT file you get an extra screen where you can choose your delimiter.

Caution note Note

The delimiter that is expected by Windows will be dependent on the Language used in your version of Windows. As a guide, the following languages should be using a comma(,)

English, Hebrew, Maltese, All Spain Except Spain (Spain), Thai, Vietnamese, and Welsh

The following languages should be using a semi-colon(;)

German, Greek,  Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spain(Spain), Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.