There are currently 5 types of graphs that you can view -

1) Cumulative Total Graph

2) Sequence Stats

3) Frequency of Odds

4) Edge Broken down by Odds Ranges

5) Cumulative Draw Down

On the main menu select Analysis and then Graphs.

This brings up a new screen where all the graphs are available.

Cumulative Total Graph

Cumulative Total Graph - Graph showing Cumulative Profit against Bet Number. Ability in compare Staking Plans.

Sequence Stats

Sequence Stats - Graph showing how often losing and winning sequences occur.

Odds Frequency

Frequency of Odds - Graph showing frequency of Overall odds/ Winning and losing Odds

Edge Broken Down by Odds Range

Edge Broken Down by Odds Range - Graph showing different odds ranges and any edge positive/negative Edge.

Cumulative Draw down

Draw Down Graph - This is calculated on a bet by bet basis. The figure is calculated as -

Draw Down =  (Cumulative Total - Highest Total Reached So Far) / Highest Total Reached So Far

This is then expressed as a percentage and plotted on the graph.