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There are currently 5 types of graphs that you can view -

1) Cumulative Total Graph

2) Sequence Stats

3) Frequency of Odds

4) Edge Broken down by Odds Ranges

5) Cumulative Draw Down

Cumulative Total Graph

Cumulative Total Graph - Graph showing Cumulative Profit against Bet Number. Ability in compare Staking Plans.

Sequence Stats

Sequence Stats - Graph showing how often losing and winning sequences occur.

Odds Frequency

Frequency of Odds - Graph showing frequency of Overall odds/ Winning and losing Odds

Edge Broken Down by Odds Range

Edge Broken Down by Odds Range - Graph showing different odds ranges and any edge positive/negative Edge.

Cumulative Draw down

Draw Down Graph - This is calculated on a bet by bet basis. The figure is calculated as -

Draw Down =  (Cumulative Total - Highest Total Reached So Far) / Highest Total Reached So Far

This is then expressed as a percentage and plotted on the graph.