Only the last 3 years of update history has been included.

Updates - 05/11/2023

TSMapp 8.0 Released.

Software completely re-written and optimised.

Help Manual Updated

Main Changes -

oMaximum amount of bets for the TSMapp is now increased to 50,000 bets. In TSMappV7 the maximum amount of bets was fixed at 10,000 bets. A recalculation for 10,000 bets would of previously been around 12 seconds compared to 0.4 seconds in TSMapp V8. See table below for full speed comparison - Times shown are an average of 10 recalculations using random generated data with all Back Staking Plans in use. In general it can be said that TSM V8 is over 20x Faster than TSM V7.

oTSMapp V8 uses an improved responsive design that allows the App to be used in all browser sizes. In browsers with a width less than 1100 pixels, (Mobiles/Tablets) a vertical menu is used. Where the browser width is greater than 1100 pixels a Horizontal Menu is used that has been designed to match TSM V7 Desktop (Windows). If you resize the browser at any time you can see this in action. If you are using the App on a desktop computer/laptop then the default is the Horizontal Menu, however there is an option to use the Vertical Menu if desired.

oWhere the Browser Height is less than 500 pixels the Quick Stats Panel automatically hides itself and various label fonts decrease in size. This allows the App to be usable on mobile phones in the Landscape Orientation.

oThere is now Duel Input for adding bets. Add bets directly directly into the Main Grid OR using the Edit/Add Row Button. After every row has been completed the App will now automatically recalculate the results.

oNew Default Theme based on the current TSM V7 Desktop (Windows) Version. Additional Themes will be added later on.

oMonte Carlo Simulations - Maximum number of bets increased from 1000 to 10,000. Maximum number of cycles increased from 100 to 250.

Updates - 09/02/2022

TSMapp 7.0 Released.

Underlying code updated to enable continued compatibility with all modern browsers.

Main Menu updated.

Updates - 04/12/2021

TSMapp 6.49 Released.

Added Export to CSV Option for Analysis and MonteCarlo Screens.

Added Lowest Trough and Average Lowest Trough to Monte Carlo Screen.

Updates - 11/08/2021

TSMapp 6.48 Released.

Added Cumulative Drawdown Graph. (In line with TSM Desktop) - See Graphs

Updates - 09/08/2021

TSMapp 6.47 Released.

Additional Parlay Ratchet Settings Added.

Additional Percentage 'X amount of bets' Setting Added. (In line with TSM Desktop).

Updates - 07/05/2021

TSMapp 6.44 Released.

Additional Lay Staking Plan Added - Lay Recovery Liability -

Lay Analysis now uses liability rather than staking in line with TSM Desktop.

Updates - 19/12/2020

TSMapp 6.40 Released.

Additional Settings added to Up X Down Y Staking Plan.

Additional Settings added to Percentage Staking Plan.

Updates - 18/11/2020 - 24/11/2020

TSMapp 6.37 Released.

Issue with UpXDownY Staking Plan in certain scenarios. Fixed.

Forms/Buttons tidied up to match chosen theme.

Min Form Sizes decreased to accommodate more phones/tablets.

Drop Down added to select Staking Plans if viewed on a screen size with height < 550 pixels.

Server upgraded in order to increase performance.

Updates - 15/10/2020

Additional Filter added to allow filtering on subsections of data. 1st Half, 2nd Half, 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter.

Updates - 07/10/2020

TSMapp 6.30 Released

Cumulative Total Graph wasn't displaying the last bet. Fixed.  

Cumulative Total Graph was starting from Zero rather than the staking plan start bank. Fixed.

T-Score and P-Value added to Quick Stats.

Each Way Staking Plans added.

Updates - 10/06/2020

TSMapp 6.24 Released

Job Target highlight added to Coup Master Staking Plan to match TSM Desktop.

Monte Carlo Simulation Graph Tweaked.

Back Recovery and Recovery Type 3 Staking Plans, Cycle Variable adjusted to match TSM Desktop.

Updates - 14/03/2020

TSMapp 6.21 Released

Additional Setting added to Pro Staking Plan for re-setting after a Target % of the Series Starting Total has been made.

Pro Staking Plan Coloured Labels added to Reset Column to highlight Targets/Stop Loss.

Additional Setting added to Parlay Staking Plan for retaining a Percentage of any Winning Bets.

Updates - 13/10/2019

TSMapp 6.10 Released

Additional Options for the Secure Staking Plan Added

Additional Tweaks.

Updates - 08/07/2019

TSMapp 6.05 Released

Additional Features to XYZ Staking Plan Added - Added ability to go up/down the series sequence number dependent on winning odds value.

Additional Features to Retirement Staking Plan Added - Added ability to decrease divisor by the integer part of the winning bet.

Additional Special Code Added - Set Commission <SCx> where x is the commission value.

Other minor bug fixes.

Updates - 26/11/2018

TSMapp 6.00 Released

User interface updated to match up with TSM Version 6 Desktop.

Profit and Stake Heat maps added. (Under Display Menu).

Secure Staking Plan Settings bug fixed when saving settings outside of the expected range.

Updates - 31/10/2018

TSMapp 5.83 Released

Help File Link Updated

Updates - 25/10/2018

TSMapp 5.82 Released

Legacy Link to Previous Version of TSMapp Removed

Updates - 06/07/2018

TSMapp 5.8 Released

Minor Internal Code Updates increasing calculation speed of all staking plans.

Updates - 22/02/2018

TSMapp 5.7 Released

Added an extra setting under Stop At A Winner Staking Plan that allows the recovery of the initial target on every bet and not just on first bet of the series.

Fixed Password Reset.

Updated Underlying software that TSMapp is built on.