Only the last 3 years of update history has been included.

Updates - 10/06/2020

TSMapp 6.24 Released

Job Target highlight added to Coup Master Staking Plan to match TSM Desktop.

Monte Carlo Simulation Graph Tweaked.

Back Recovery and Recovery Type 3 Staking Plans, Cycle Variable adjusted to match TSM Desktop.

Updates - 14/03/2020

TSMapp 6.21 Released

Additional Setting added to Pro Staking Plan for re-setting after a Target % of the Series Starting Total has been made.

Pro Staking Plan Coloured Labels added to Reset Column to highlight Targets/Stop Loss.

Additional Setting added to Parlay Staking Plan for retaining a Percentage of any Winning Bets.

Updates - 13/10/2019

TSMapp 6.10 Released

Additional Options for the Secure Staking Plan Added

Additional Tweaks.

Updates - 08/07/2019

TSMapp 6.05 Released

Additional Features to XYZ Staking Plan Added - Added ability to go up/down the series sequence number dependent on winning odds value.

Additional Features to Retirement Staking Plan Added - Added ability to decrease divisor by the integer part of the winning bet.

Additional Special Code Added - Set Commission <SCx> where x is the commission value.

Other minor bug fixes.

Updates - 26/11/2018

TSMapp 6.00 Released

User interface updated to match up with TSM Version 6 Desktop.

Profit and Stake Heat maps added. (Under Display Menu).

Secure Staking Plan Settings bug fixed when saving settings outside of the expected range.

Updates - 31/10/2018

TSMapp 5.83 Released

Help File Link Updated

Updates - 25/10/2018

TSMapp 5.82 Released

Legacy Link to Previous Version of TSMapp Removed

Updates - 06/07/2018

TSMapp 5.8 Released

Minor Internal Code Updates increasing calculation speed of all staking plans.

Updates - 22/02/2018

TSMapp 5.7 Released

Added an extra setting under Stop At A Winner Staking Plan that allows the recovery of the initial target on every bet and not just on first bet of the series.

Fixed Password Reset.

Updated Underlying software that TSMapp is built on.

Updates - 27/03/2017

TSMapp 5.09 Released

Added further setting to Pro Staking Plan to allow for a dynamic stop loss.

Updates - 30/01/2017

TSMapp 5.05 Released

Fixed several bug where global variables were being shared across different user logins.

Updates - 18/01/2017

TSMapp 4.96 Released

Fixed several bugs

Promoted from Beta to Release.

Updates - 16/01/2017

TSMapp 4.92 Released

Help manual screenshots updated to reflect all major update.

Updates - 06/01/2017

TSMapp 4.91 Released

Added extra option to recover commission in Lay Goff Staking Plan

Updates - 22/12/2016

TSMapp 4.9 Released

This is a major upgrade with completely new software used behind the scenes. Currently only accessed in Beta Mode.