Percentage Staking Plan

This staking plan is similar to level stakes but with a vital difference. The stake is always linked to the cumulative total. Sometimes known as the ‘plateau philosophy’, the percentage staking plan says you should recalculate your stake whenever your betting bank increases or decreases.

There is a school of thought that you shouldn’t downgrade your stake if you fall back through a level, on the assumption that if you stick with the higher stake it will speed up your return to the top. This is more commonly known as ratchet staking.

  • Start Bank – Self explanatory. 
  • Percent % to Bet –  Your percentage of the start bank that you want to use as your initial stake. So 1% of a starting bank of £100 would mean £1 stakes.
  • Re-Calculate Every – You may want to increase your stakes over time. For Percentage Staking we simply set this at 1. This tells TSM to re-calculate after every bet. 
  • Use <LB> – You can use a filter that is added to the Bet Selection Text that will tell TSM when to recalculate the initial stake.