Percentage Staking Plan

The Percentage Staking Plan is similar to level stakes but with a vital difference. The stake is always linked to the cumulative total. Sometimes known as the ‘plateau philosophy’, the percentage staking plan says you should recalculate your stake whenever your betting bank increases or decreases.

The default settings are shown below. This is straight forward Percentage Staking. 

The Stake is re-calculated after every bet. 

There are numerous additional settings that allow us to vary how we use the Percentage Staking Plan. 

First setting is ‘Minimum Stake Equals Start Stake’. When this is ticked, the stake can never go below the first initial stake. So in our settings above if the option was ticked the stake would never go below £1. In the screenshot below we can see how this works in reality. Previously Bet 2 is shown as £0.99. In this screenshot Bet 2 is shown as £1. 

The next option is the ‘Apply Different Percent % To Bet to Any Profits’. When ticked this allows us to use a separate percentage on any profit above the start bank. So if the Cumulative Total stands at £150 we can have a different Percent to Bet on the £50 than on the £100.

In the screenshot below I have switched it on and set it at 5%. 


We can see how this effects our results. 

The next option is the ‘Use to Signify Last Bet of the Day’. When this is checked the the stake will only be re-calculated at the end of the betting day. TSM will check the selection text for the code . Only when it finds this code will the stakes be re-calculated. 

To only re-calculate when <LB> is found then we need to switch off the ‘Re-Calculate after x Amount of Bets’ as below. 


We can see the effect this has on our results. Bet 13 includes the <LB> Last Bet Code. TSM re-calculates the next stake so that Bet 14 has an increased stake. 

Another setting we can do is ‘Re-calculate the stakes after x amounts of bets’. At Default this is set to 1. Traditional Percentage Staking Plan setting. We could easily adjust this to 5. TSM would then only re-calculate the stakes every 5 bets instead of after every bet. 

The final option is Ratchet Mode. This means that stakes can never decrease. When ever a new high is hit, that stake is used even if the cumulative total was to decrease.