Up X Down Y Staking Plan

The Up X Down Y Staking Plan looks a lot more complicated then it actually is. Essentially sequence based it can be set to be aggressive or passive. The default settings in TSM are shown below. The start bank is set at 100. 1 point is set at 2% of the start bank. In this instance that would make the initial stake 2 units.

You have options to choose what happens after a winning bet and losing bet. You can choose to go up or down in the sequence and by how many points. The default settings are to go down in the sequence by 3 points after a win and to go up in the sequence by 1 point after a loss. Depending on your average winning odds and expected frequency of winners these settings can be adjusted. If the sequence ever goes below 1 point the sequence will start again at 1 point. The screen shot below shows two winning bets. Because the first bet won, the sequence is now negative and therefore starts at 1 again in the second bet.

You can see that for both bets the stake is 2 which is 1 point. Now let us look at some losing bets. You can see that after a loss the sequence increase by 1 point as per the setting

As it stands the next stake would have been 10 units or 5 points. If we change bet 4 to a winning bet the sequence goes down 3 points and the next stake is 4 units or 2 points.

The next screen shot shows how the staking plan works with a decent size sample.

There is one further adjustable setting that needs to be explained. That is the option to link the points value to the cumulative bank. This can have the effect of protecting your bank during a losing run but also increasing your profits during a good period. It also has the potential for a large loss if stakes become too high. When this option is used the formula used before each bet is

Stake = Integer(cumulative total * fixed percent) multiplied by the current sequence multiple.

If the integer produced is 0 then the stake reverts to 1.

Taking an example as follows :

Cumulative Total = 186

Percent to Equal 1 Point = 2%

Sequence Multiple is currently 5

Stake = Integer(186 * 2%) * 5

Stake = Integer (3.72) * 5

Stake = 3 * 5 Stake = 15

Word of warning – This sequence is this staking is infinite ! This means there is no limit to the stakes.