Up X Down Y Staking Plan

The Up X Down Y Staking Plan looks a lot more complicated then it actually is. Essentially sequence based it can be set to be aggressive or passive. The default settings in TSM uses a start bank of £100 and 1 point set at 2%. In this instance that would make the initial stake £2. There is also an additional Reset Limit which at default is 1000. (No Reset).

In the Screenshot below I have edited the settings so that 1 point = 0.5% of £100 which is £0.5.

After a losing bet the sequence increases by 50% of £0.5 and after a winning bet the sequence decreases by £0.5.

The minimum bet is always the starting stake. The reset is edited to 2 points. So in this instance the max stake is £1. 

We can see in the screenshot below how this plays out. Start stake is £0.5. The bet loses. The next stake is therefore £0.75. The bet wins and the sequence goes back to £0.5. Our first reset is hit at Bet Number 13. The bet loses which would make our points 2.5 which is greater than 2. The sequence starts again on Bet 14. 

Another option is to increase or decrease stakes at the end of each betting day rather than after each bet. We do this by using the Last Bet filter.

If we go edit the Staking Plan settings and switch on the ‘Treat Each Day as a Single Bet’ option this tells TSM to only adjust the stake when it reads the code in the Selection Column.

In the screenshot below, the last bet code is used on Bet 94. This means that Bet 95 stake is adjusted depending on whether the current day is a winning or losing day. It was a losing day which means the sequence increases.

There is one further adjustable setting that needs to be explained. That is the option to link the points value to the cumulative bank. This can have the effect of protecting your bank during a losing run but also increasing your profits during a good period. It also has the potential for a large loss if stakes become too high.

There is also a final option to treat some of the calculations as integers. This only applies to the 1 point calculation. So if the series is reset at £222.22 and an Initial Percent To Bet of 1% is used, 1 Point will be 222.22 / 100 * 1 = 2.22 where the Integer used will be 2.

Final Word of Warning – This sequence at default has a reset limit of 1000 which is effectively infinite ! This means there is no limit to the stakes.