Windows Desktop TSM Version 6.0 

Minimum Windows Required is  Windows Icon Windows Vista.

Download runs in Evaluation Mode unless purchased and unlocked. Evaluation Mode is restricted to using a maximum of 10 bets at any one time. After the download is complete, run the TSMsetup.exe file and follow the on screen instructions. If your virus software prevents exe downloads try the version. Latest version of TSM is TSM Version 6.0 R1.29 uploaded 28/12/2018.

The software is completely virus free. If in doubt you can scan the setup file here - This website is a subsidiary of Google that checks individual files using over 50 different virus scans.

Activation Instructions Following Purchase

Click Here

Windows Desktop TSM Version 6.0 Alternative

If you use TSM in conjunction with Gruss Betting Assistant (automated betting) you will need an updated version of TSM IF you are using any version of Gruss later than 37a. 

Latest Version of TSM is TSM Version 6.0 R1.29 uploaded 28/12/2018. If you already have TSM installed and wish to check your version go to the Help Tab in the software.  The Alternative Version of TSM has the word 'Alt' added to the Version Details. 

Gruss Betting Assistant Latest Release Downloads -

The Alternative TSM download will work with Gruss Betting Assistant Versions through to 1.3.038y19.

Web Based TSMapp (Browser)

TSMapp is Browser Based. This means you access TSMapp through your web browser. There is nothing to download. 

TSMapp will work in all of the popular desktop browsers (Windows/Mac/Linux) and most Tablets/Mobile Browsers (Minimum Resolution 800x400)

The URL for the TSMapp is

If you have already subscribed to the TSMapp - Click Here for Login Help