Lay % Up Down

Lay % Up Down Staking Plan is exactly as its name suggests. Upon a win you go up a percentage, and upon a loss go down a percentage. The settings for this staking plan are shown below.

Lay Percentage Up Down Settings

You can see that the start bank is £100 and the Percent to Bet for Intial Stake is 1%.

This makes the initial stake £1.

You can also see the setting - If Bet Wins then multiply initial stake by -20%.

This will only occur if the last stake is not already the initial stake.

You can also see the setting - If Bet Loses then multiply initial stake by 100%.

This will always apply. There is no stoploss in this staking plan.

So for instance you can see that if our first bet loses then the next stake is £1 + (100% * £1) = £2

If the bet loses again we would have £2 + (100% * £1) = £3 and so on.

If the next bet wins we would have £3 + (-20% * £1) = £2.80 and so on.

The table below shows a run of bets and how the stakes get adjusted.

Lay % Up Down 2

You can also increase the initial stake by using the filter in your bets. You can see that on bet 8 we used the filter. To use <LB> you have to make sure the option is turned on in the staking plan settings. See first picture in this article at the top of the page.

Lay % Up Down 3

After bet 8 was placed the cumulative total was £98.6 1% of £98.6 = £0.986 The previous stake was £2.2 So the new stake is £2.2 + (-20% * £0.986) = £2.01 Clearly its not ideal to show this when using small numbers that get rounded up/down but you get the idea.