1 Point Staking Plan

The 1 Point Staking Plan is a low risk recovery based Staking Plan. At the start of the series your initial stake is 1 Point. The stake is increased after every bet by 1 Point regardless of whether you win or lose. When certain criteria is met the series is reset and the initial stake reverts back to 1 Point. This staking plan also works with lay betting. 1 Point Lay Staking Plan. 


  • Add 1 Point to the stake after each bet regardless of a win or loss.
  • If new stake is greater than (debit + 1 Point) then new stake equals (debit + 1 point).
  • If debit is less than zero then new stake equals 1 Point.

Formula to Calculate Debit

  • Previous Debit Amount + 1 Point + (Minus Profit or Add Loss)

 As always these things are always easier to understand when following an example.

If you are following this example in TSM the following settings are in use –