Lay 1 Point Staking Plan

The Lay 1 Point Staking Plan is a low risk recovery based Staking Plan. At the start of the series your initial stake is 1 Point. The stake is increased after every bet by 1 Point regardless of whether you win or lose. When certain criteria is met the series is reset and the initial stake reverts back to 1 Point. This staking plan also works with back betting. There is a slight variation on Rule 3 to make the staking plan work the same way as the back version. 1 Point Back Staking Plan.


  • Add 1 Point to the stake after each bet regardless of a win or loss.
  • If new stake is greater than (debit + 1 Point) then new stake equals (debit + 1 point).
  • If debit is less than or equal to zero then new stake equals 1 Point.
Formula to Calculate Debit
  • Previous Debit Amount + 1 Point + (Minus Profit or Add Loss)

As always these things are always easier to understand when following an example.

In this example 1 Point = £1 and Start Bank = £100. First stake = £1.

The bet wins. The debit is calculated as Previous Debit + 1 Point – Profit.

0 + 1 – 1 = 0

Rule 1 adds 1 Point to the stake. This would make the next stake £2. However Rule 2 means that the stake cannot be larger then the debit + 1 (0 + 1 = 1). So the next stake goes back to 1 Point or £1. 

This time the bet loses. The new debit amount is calculated as before.

0 + 1 + 1 = £2

We then go through the rules again. Rule 1 increases the stake to £2. Rules 2 and 3 do not apply in this instance. The next stake is therefore £2.

The bet wins. The debit is calculated as before.

2 + 1 – 2 = £1

In TSM there are various staking plan settings you can edit. When Use Fixed Plus 1 Variable is unchecked the initial Stake is taken from the Percent % to bet setting. You can also link the initial stake to the cumulative total so that as the betting bank increases so does the value of 1 Point.

Our sister software – The Bet Machine – TBM was released in 2020.  Every Back/Lay Staking Plan in TSM is available to use in The Bet Machine.

Used in conjunction with Gruss Betting Assistant, TBM is compatible with both Betfair and Betdaq Betting Exchange.

TBM incorporates Race Card data for UK/IRE Horse Racing and UK Greyhound Racing. 

Create your own Horse and Greyhound Selection Systems in TBM by using the built in System Builder tool – Selection Hunter. Back Test your designed systems and find your edge.